What is there to do in New Jersey?


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What is there to do in New Jersey?

So my wife and I are staying in East Rutherford for a few months while we work on a commercial project together... so we were wondering what there is to do out here?

We are really looking for things that don't cost a lot... mainly outdoor activities. We went to Barnegat lighthouse back in April and liked that, along with the Long Beach Island coast. I'm not crazy about driving all the way down to Atlantic City and we don't gamble, so that's not high on my list of things to do.

I've driven past High Point Park but haven't actually gone in. We've been to Katerskill Falls up in NY and have hiked in Sterling Forest, NY and at the Mohonk Resort in NY. We like hiking and like cute Main Street type shoppes. Just kind of wondering what some general recommendations might be.

Not a big fan of going into NYC... been there a few times and driving there makes my knuckles white and my eye twitch.
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The Delaware Water Gap is a nice drive. Not sure what is there, been a very long time.
Jersey also has a lot of large flea markets.
Funny, all the time I lived there we always left the state when we wanted to do something special.

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How about Satin Dolls in Lodi ? (That's the Bada Bing club from the Sopranos.)
Just kidding.

How about Liberty State park over by the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City.
Boat ride out to the Staue of Liberty.
The Liberty Science Center is over there too.
Department of Environmental Protection

Heck..... you could take the train into NYC easily from the X station... at Secaucus Junction.
It would take you right to Penn Station, NY.
New Jersey Transit

Did you go to the Meadowlands Fair ? I didn't see you there.

There is a flea market every week at the Meadowlands. New Meadowlands market

A site you can check out.... New Jersey Isn't Boring!

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Oh gawd...don't go to the Meadowlands...you might wind up with one to the back of the head and missing your cannoli. (Another Sopranos reference)
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Being from the South, I am a little reluctant to venture up north too much. BUT, while working for the airlines, they sent me all across the country. Once to Elizabeth, NJ. When you drive into your motel and there are 12' fences with concertina wire on top surrounding it, meh!!! Boring, it ain't. To get laughs, I always asked for sweet tea with my lunch. Or grits for breakfast.
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On that same note, we were in michigan one morning and stopped at McDonalds. When my wife ordered our breakfast she asked for biscuits and gravy for me .... and the girl replied with a puzzled look "we don't have gravy" bet she never heard of sausage gravy
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Checked out Trip Adviser?
I use it a lot when traveling for anything from places to stay, where to eat, what to do while there.
And it's free.
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If your sales resistance is good, you could check out some of the retirement developments. They often have free food and a gift if you will put up with their sales offering.

I've been to Sandy Hook beach once and although it was a good experience, I've never seen that many people on one beach, ever. After that we always went to various parks away from the beach.

Not free, but a cruise on the Hudson River and a tour of the West Point Military Academy.

If you are up for some exercise, check out bike paths in NJ. Or possibly hiking trails.

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There's plenty to due in Jersey. Just have to be resourceful. Said you're staying there for a few months. Staying there meaning at a hotel? Check the rack in the lobby for things to due.

Stop in at a visitors and tourist centers and inquire. Usually found along the highways. Visit the capital building, Edison and several other museums. Don't pass up the coastal areas. Much more to due the gamble in a casino. Even they offer non gambling activities. Just be creative and resource if you have the time and plan ahead.

I remember Barnegat bay way back when there was nothing there accept a fishing dock and boat rental shop. Caught lot's of fish and crabs right there in the bay. Went with family members. Rented a boat with small outboard motor and loaded up on fish and crabs. Back when there where plenty of each and everything. Last time I visited the area about 6 years or so years ago, it didn't even resemble what I remember as a kid!!!...

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