Nice "work" if you can get it.


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Nice "work" if you can get it.

Today's news has a story about the Dukess of Whatever, Kate Middleton, going back to work. Photos: Britain's royal Kate returns to work after maternity leave | Entertainment | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

Of course her "work" is traveling around with an entourage of bodyguards and other lackeys visiting schools, nursing homes, hospitals and the like, getting her picture taken at each stop.

Must be nice.
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You'll have to admit, she is a lot easier to look at than either of us Everyone has to be somewhere, so maybe her pretty presence comforts others. Who knows?
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Larry, are you trying to say I'm as ugly as I look

Personally I'd rather live my simple life devoid of crowds and media attention!
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Just think, it could Michelle O. doing that instead!What would you rather see?
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Where's the "puke" smilie? Please.
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We here in the States have been away from royals for a long time. In other countries it is a lot of work. They are expected to uphold the obligations of their "office". Can you imagine being paraded the way they are? Their (almost) every waking minute being scheduled and controlled?

Not something I would EVER want.
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IDK about you, but I would bet doing that kind of stuff would get exhausting quite quickly.
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Im sorry but for here age I dont find her the least bit attractive...

And as for her husband when I ask my wife she feels the same way about him... He is not aging well..

Blue bloods... arrrrgggg!!!

Jut my opinion...

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I have to agree...... he looks ragged. Quite a change in the last year or so.
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Could be the inbreeding over the centuries.

QEII on the other hand, looks pretty good for her age and mileage.

Lest our Canadian/British/Aussie friends be offended, we have our Royals here in the states, too - Kennedy, Clinton, Bush - and some of them are not exactly pleasing to the eye either.

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