How Old Is your Oldest Appliance?


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How Old Is your Oldest Appliance?

I have been keeping my Clothes Washer going over 40+ years! It's a Hotpoint.
We just had an opportunity to pick up a slightly used Kenmore 80. Just ran it a few times so cant really give a thorough review yet, so far seems to get the job done.
I am a little nervous about ditching the old unit since it was still going strong. So can anybody top that?
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We had a refrigerator that was about 30 years old when it finally died and an old hot point washer that was about as old when it died. The hot points motor broke off from the bottom and the repairman said it isn't worth it to replace the motor since the mounting bolt broke. Then we had a Whirlpool but it shredded some of our clothes on the spindle so we bought the newer front loader and it uses a great deal less water without the shredding of clothes. Older washing machines don't excite me that much but an older refrigerator does as it has more room inside.
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In 1972, I moved an 18 year old Frigidaire from Wisconsin to Massachusetts, and it worked fine for several months until we bought a home and the rear coil got hooked on a door while being moved.

I thought I'd call for a Frigidaire repair; but they sent out a Salesman instead of a Repairman . . . . and he sold us a new Frigidaire . . . . saying that coils cannot be repaired. I was naive, and we needed a unit and had no time for shopping. So we bought what he recommended, sight unseen.

That "new" Frigidaire is now 43 years old and has survived a few more moved withing Massachusetts, plus being moved up here to Vermont where we vacation year round. Never had to make a service call . . . . and never did any DIY stuff on it (except flip the doors a few times).

I think moves are the worst thing for old embrittled coils. If they don't have to move, they may last a long time.
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Mom an Dad bought a new refrigerator in the 30's and it was still running up till a couple years ago, My sister had it and I think she finally said it quit a couple of years ago. Door gasket wore out many years ago and we had to put weather strip around door.
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In my present house the kitchen range is the oldest appliance, I think it is original to the house which was built in 1987. I bought a new refrigerator when I moved here in 1999 and it died last year. When I went to buy a new refrigerator the saleswoman told me that 14 years was a pretty good lifespan. My mother had a refrigerator that lasted more than 30 years. Used to be that refrigerators had a minimum life expectancy of at least 20 years.

In my previous house the range was (I think) also original to the house (1952) and it was still going strong when I replaced it around 1995.
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My mother was still using the 1966 coppertone Westinghouse Terrace Top drop in electric range that was originally installed in her house, until this July. It still worked fine (although the clock had long since stopped) but she sold the house, and the range stayed behind. She also had a 1955 Sears Coldspot chest freezer that she and dad bought new and used continuously until four years ago. It still ran fine, but she was unable to get up and down the basement stairs where it was located, and bought a compact Sears Kenmore China-made chest freezer to put in the garage instead. I'm pretty sure few if any modern day appliances would last anywhere as long.
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Late to this, but at my ex-house, the WH, washer and dryer, range were all original build 1990 models. And this is with a hard water area.

I know that's not that long compared to others listed...but 25 yrs on a gas WH? That's pretty amazing IMO. Hope it's failed since I sold the place...and I hope the roof leaks, and the porch collapses, and the kraken destroys the bathtub, etc, etc.
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My beer fridge in the garage is an old Co-Op brand made in the 50's or so I'm told. Works great.

Few years ago I was looking for a new one thinking that antique was burning up electricity like crazy. Hooked it up to my kill-a-watt and found it uses around $4 a month so it stays. Nothing worse than piss warm beer, it is set at 25 so it gets a workout.

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... the kraken destroys the bathtub...

Had to look that up, you sound bitter. Not to worry, it goes away after a decade or two. Better days are a comin'.

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How Old Is your Oldest Appliance?
Well my wife is just turning 38,,, Ummm Ill have to go with that...

I wonder how many more years before Ill have to replace...Parts for her have been expensive the last few years..

New nissan Altama

The list goes on...LOL

I look around and see a lot of like new models only about 20 years old but worry about the cost to own models of that year.....

( My wife's looking over my shoulder...)
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My Dad had a gas WH that was installed when the house was built in 1968 and was still going in 2010 when the house sold. They sure don't make them like they used to.
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The Carrier Compact central A/C was installed in my home back in 1974.
It's still blowing ice cold air and taking my electric meter for a spin every summer!
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I have some small appliances dating back as far as the 1920s.

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