I just have to vent over this one....


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I just have to vent over this one....

Story out of Newport News, VA.

A high school AP history teacher is on paid suspension after using a racial no-no word in class [it was the n word I'm sure]. BUT here's the deal: (1) It's an AP class; this normally indicates highly-motivated, THINKING students. (2) The word was used in conjunction with a class discussion dealing with "racism and derogatory terms". BOY what a shock that a DEROGATORY TERM would be uttered during a discussion of DEROGATORY TERMS!!! (3) The precise incident occurred when a student asked the teacher why some people object to the Washington Redskin's name. Fair question. The teacher responded by comparing the name of a hypothetical sports team's name, using a racial slur that refers to blacks. Pretty good teaching moment IMHO.

A student complained and the teacher was placed on administrative leave.

Really? REALLY??? Have the PC police totally lost it??? And here's an ironic question to throw in to the mix: Was the student who uttered the word "Redskins" suspended? Hmmm.

No wonder it's so hard to attract the best and brightest to the teaching profession. I wouldn't work another day for that school board.
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I don't know why everyone is afraid of that word anyway. Here's a link to a youtube video which you shouldn't view, if that word really bothers you. It's a song by Last Poets.

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I lived right near NN VA (Hampton to be exact). It's a very racially divided area, even though there is a large military presence. I have to agree, it's gotten crazy. I used to do indoc training at the commands I was at in the Navy. I held nothing back and never got a single complaint....that's what these classes are all about. Open discussion and debate.

This was in the 90's and early 2000's...but I refused to be shackled. I used the words spic, nig^^^, flip, whatever. It brought out discussion and I had more than a few sailors shake my hand for being honest
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IMO political correctness is a joke [not that it's a laughing matter] As long as you are polite and somewhat sensitive to those around you - what does the rest matter?
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There is also the intent associated with many words in our language (other languages as well). It is how you say it, when you say it and how you intended, that all combine to become the real meaning.

The big O wants us to believe he has lessened the racial divide, but in fact it is worse now than many years ago. I have a relative who gave up the idea of becoming a police officer. Wonder why?

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Being "POLITICALLY CORRECT" is having the ability to pick up a 'TURD' by the clean end!

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The big O wants us to believe he has lessened the racial divide, but in fact it is worse now than many years ago.
Unless I'm thinking of the wrong "Big 0", the reduction of the racial divide happened first. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been elected.

At the same time, tolerating another race doesn't count as accepting them. We tolerate more but there isn't much more acceptance.
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I wouldn't use the N word myself especially around those who are sensitive to that word but around my family I spout it off occasionally especially when I am mad about something. For a class though about words like that and the racial divide that is in this country I agree that is an appropriate place to use the N word in the context of teaching. People though have been stirred up by the big O who thinks he is a king or something and unfortunately hasn't done anything to make race relations better. If anything he has only made matters worse.
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When I was growing up, we were told to refrain from using the "J" word; while the "N" word was still acceptable. I guess political correctness morphs alone with the political climate.
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None of the Founding Documents have any indication that a person is to be protected against being offended. Back when I was a kid I was told to grow a backbone when I complained about someone being mean to me.

Political correctness is nothing but a means of hiding prejudices. I would prefer that if someone thinks ill of me that they say so to my face rather than let it simmer beneath the surface.

I once worked with a Black man that said that he would vote for George Wallace (for US president) if he got the nomination. His reasoning was that he absolutely knew how Wallace felt about Blacks and he knew that to expect anything positive from Wallace in racial relations was futile. He went on to state that none of the other candidates were anywhere near as open.

Call me any name you want, I may not like it but I won't allow it hurt me. I refuse to grant that power to ANYONE! I know that I am a good and decent person and I don't care in the least that someone else may think differently.

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