one of those days


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one of those days

My wife had a doctor appointment for late this morning [and they had called to verify] It's a 40 minute drive and I had a short stop to make so we left an hour early. Got there and they said "we called and left a message, the doc is in the hospital and we had to cancel" They seemed a little perturbed that we showed up. According to caller ID they left the message a half hour before the appointment time.

and the little quick job I looked at along the way - it's neither

Well she wanted to do some shopping on the return trip and at the checkout I noticed they over charged $1 for the 2 light bulbs I bought, so I brought it to their attention, they fixed it and then charged me for 3 bulbs Then got out in the jeep and something happened to the rear seat and it will only go down halfway so I've got to figure that out before we go get groceries [no room to put them]
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On days like that, sleeping in is the best option....if we only knew ahead of time. Bet the doc would have been po'ed if YOU had called 30 minutes before to if doctors are the only ones with crises...
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I often feel cursed and blessed that I can fix most of the things that break, as opposed to paying someone else (which usually involves other issues) or tossing it and buying new. But there are days when I just wish those little projects would go as smooth as they should.

As for over charges, at least at my local grocery store, if I bring it to their attention later in the day or next day, I get what they charged me back plus one dollar and I get to keep the item at no charge. Last one was a pound of sliced ham on sale for $4.99. When I got home I noticed he entered a different type of ham, clearly not what I got, at $5.99. Took it back an I have no idea what math he (the manager) used, but I got the ham for free PLUS $15 cash.

I've been watching for a couple of years and it has paid off very nicely. Apparently they don't care, probably make enough by overcharging others.

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I have no idea what math he (the manager) used, but I got the ham for free PLUS $15 cash.
Probably that new common core math lol.
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Wasn't there a full moon yesterday? I always find everything seems to go wrong when there's a full moon.
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Probably more myth than fact but they say a saturday night short track always has more beatin' and bangin' when there is a full moon

Looks like it's not going to be an easy task to fix the rear seat as you need to unlatch it and fold it over before you access what broke or come unhooked
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Guess where the term "lunatic" came from.

I think that the full moon pulls a "high tide" in the heads of some, and drowns what little rational thinking they have.

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