How Dumb Are People


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How Dumb Are People

Someone has been calling people saying they are with Centerpoint (the local gas company) and telling them they are two months behind in their electric bill (yes electric not gas) and they need to send a Walmart money order (yes must be a Walmart money order) in nine hours or their electric will be cut off. As long as the money is sent their meter will be reloaded (yes reloaded).

Little old ladies being duped? Maybe some but mostly small businesses.
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This month's Consumer Reports did a special on just that. People getting duped by swindlers.
It's in the billions.

I'd love to get one of those calls..... I'd have a blast.
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I think that people get duped by Consumer Reports too. They had Glidden Paint rated as #4 once. It think that it should have been, in last place. I never read another issue since.
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Glidden, like most paint manufactures has great paint and cheap worthless paint with some of their paint falling in between. Some of the better paints I've used has had Glidden on the label but you won't find that line at a big box store.

A few years ago my wife got a call on her cellphone stating she had won X amount of money along with a new mercedes BUT she had to go to walmart and buy some sort of money order card and give them the number so she could receive it. I told her to hang up but for whatever reason she kept talking to them. She told them she didn't have that much money so they reduced the price When she finally did hang up, they kept calling back
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I have relegated myself to just having fun with the callers, since the do not call list doesn't work. I like the ones who guarantee my google listing will be on top of the heap. Small town USA, it's already there, but I let them go with their spiel. Up to the time when they ask for a credit card, then click. I feel I at least wasted 10 valuable minutes of their time while I am on speaker phone on the forums
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Maybe I don't have enough patience but I hang up on them as soon as I figure out who they are. I've been retired for years but 'marksr painting' still gets calls every month wanting to sell me something ... and 'Rachel from credit card services' never has quit calling wanting to reduce the interest on my CC that I pay off in full each month.
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I dunno why, but "Rachael" hasn't called the place I'm in now and it's been 8 months. I have been getting calls for whoever had the number before me, even though I told the collectors 3-4 times I don't know her and she doesn't live here.

I'll have to dig it out again if the robo calls start....but my favorite was to connect to a person and then blow a bosuns pipe in their ear. Didn't cut down the calls but gave me deep satisfaction. I know these are regular people just trying to get by, but why the heck would you work for one of those places.

I have caller ID now and if it says unknown caller, unknown number I let it go to VM and then delete it.

Even with the Do Not Call list (which mostly worked well for me) and other laws, you can't legislate dumb or gullible.
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I have this little funny or silly reverse psychology thing I use when getting these calls.

If I get a call that comes up as "Unknown" or "Blocked", I know they are doing this so I wont know who's calling.

I figure it like this:
If they dont want me to know who is calling, I cant answer it. If I answer, I'll know who is calling.
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Not sure if it's only Rachel or if others use it also but she often comes up on the caller ID as mark sr. If I pay close attention I'll not answer but more times than not I'll mistake it for mark jr and pick up the phone.
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I can't figure it out. While no one's had to warn me about these things (one reason I'm a Super here, lol) they're constantly telling people on the news and other sources, yet some people still fall for it . Can't understand it.
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I never give out my home phone number except to my closest friends and because it is a VoIP number with free incoming calls it is not a listed number. In all the time I have had this number I think I have received two, maybe three wrong numbers.

I have my cell phone number on the "do not call" list and I get very few cold calls. One thing to remember is if you have had any kind of business relationship with a company they are exempt from the do not call list for (I think) two full years (may be longer) after your last legitimate contact.

I HAVE been getting repeated calls from a few toll-free numbers lately and having caller ID on the cell phone makes it easy for me to not answer. Most never leave a voice mail. I will then enter the caller ID number into a Google search and find out who has that number. Comcast is one of the worst and since it has not been two years since I severed my relationship I cannot do anything about it. I recently signed up with Humana for my Medicare Advantage insurance and they have been calling almost daily but never leave a voice mail. I have found that this is SOP for Humana.

As for "Rachael"...I have never had a call from her or any of her compatriots.

I think that people get duped by Consumer Reports too.
I absolutely have that opinion. Remember that CR only tests a small number of items and what they buy is based upon the sales volume of whatever thing they are testing. The rest of the report is based upon surveys sent to "members" (read, subscribers) and other comments that they receive. Remember also, that very few people write (to anyone) about their cars and appliances that they have positive experiences with but instead only write letters when they are thoroughly disgusted with their purchase. That means that most comments from the general public are negative with respect to any particular appliance.

For example, I tend to not buy the most popular brands or models so what I have bought will either get no mention at all or will get a downgraded score for no more "reason" than there are simply not that many sold.
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Along similar lines. Today we received two letters in our mail box addressed to both my long since deceased in-laws advising them that their medical records have been compromised and it will affect their billing and credit rating. What's funny is that their name is different than mine and neither one ever used our address in their records. Even when my father-in-law lived under our roof during his last year his residents was never changed from his home. Oh, and it came as bulk mail. We just threw them out.
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Also the number that may show up on your caller ID from the scammers/spammers may not be the real number they are calling from. They got devices that will generate a fake number.
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Originally Posted by flirty1
". . . Also the number that may show up on your caller ID from the scammers/spammers may not be the real number they are calling from. They got devices that will generate a fake number . . ."
I especially like it when my Caller ID says that the incoming call is from me . . . . using the same phone number that's currently ringing.

Like I'd want to talk to myself . . . . what would I say ?
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The first time that happened to me I was totally confused, not that it took me long to figure it out. If I notice that it's my number I'll not bother to pick up but more often than not I'll not look close enough to notice it's not my son calling [mark jr]

Like I'd want to talk to myself . . . . what would I say ?
Hey, some days that is the only way I can have an intelligent conversation

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