Food ingredients


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Food ingredients

Normally I don't look at them too much as I don't normally buy a lot of processed food.

This surprised me though. I like a glass of V-8 juice in the morning when waking up. Saw low sodium style on the shelf and since I have a bit of a blood pressure problem, figured I'd get it instead of regular. When I tried it, it tasted much saltier than the regular.

Looked at the ingredients and saw potassium chloride. You know, the same stuff in ice melts and as part of the 3 drug death penalty cocktail?

And this is better for me how?
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Lower sodium, of course.

The medical community seems to change its collective mind every few years on the subject of salt or sodium in our diets. About thirty years ago I was at the doctor for some silly thing and the nurse took my blood pressure. She then went on a tear about my pressure was sky high and I needed to cut out all salt in my diet. When the doctor came in he looked at the reading she had noted on the chart and then took the pressure himself. When I asked him if I was going to die yesterday he chuckled and said my blood pressure was fine, she just didn't know how to take the measurement properly.

Now it IS true that most processed food has way more salt than necessary and it seems, to me at least, that all the cooking shows on television use a huge amount of salt. I think that I probably use too much salt but when I find some magazine article, either for or against, and it lists average salt consumption across the populace I'm actually not that bad, even considering that I DO eat a lot of processed food.

I also feel that sugar is not as bad as most artificial sweeteners and sometimes is actually preferable to the so-called "natural" sweeteners when all things are considered. Then again, what do I know?
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For an individual who is considered to be in good health potassium is preferable to sodium in one's diet.
However, in people with heart disease, taking medication for heart disease, or kidney problems consumption of potassium has negative effects on these conditions in the same manner as sodium would.

Here are recommendations on the use of potassium in water softeners which is at a much lower level than what you might find in a diet.
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You guys kinda missed my point. Just the fact that something used as a de-icer and as a death drug is also used in food seemed kinda odd to me. And the fact that the stuff tastes "saltier". I mean how can tomatoes, beets, spinach, celery, etc be so salty tasting.
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Vic, take the basic components of salt if you want to know what you are eating......Sodium, is a high explosive when exposed to water in its pure state. Chlorine is a deadly gas, so go figure. It is something that you can't live with in its separate state, but something you can't really live without combined.

Joel, When I was in the hospital in Denver a couple of years ago, my little nurse kept taking my blood pressure and it was recorded electronically for the chart. The doctor came in the next morning concerned that my blood pressure was wonky. That was, until he noticed the blood pressure cuff they were using. He told the nurses that they had to use the large cuff on people who had large upper arms. Once they changed the cuff, my pressure fell back to a normal state. I have never had problems with high blood pressure and was relieved at that finding.
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If you want some really healthy juice, the best thing is to buy a juicer & some organic fruits & vegetables. Warning: Cleaning the juicer is a big mess. Some health food stores have juice bars. It costs you more but the mess belongs to them.

I don't trust a lot of doctors when it comes to nutrition. However, my doctor was decent. Here he is.
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Larry, my arms are not large, maybe even a bit small for a man, but they always use the bigger cuff on me. My blood pressure has always been slightly higher than average as is my pulse rate. My blood pressure also varies quite a bit, sometimes reaching into the areas considered borderline high and sometimes being lower than average. When I mentioned this to my current doctor she told me not to be too concerned with momentary excursions as "it is a moving target" and the long term trends are what are most important.

Pulpo, I remember those ads. Almost every single month on the back cover of Popular Science magazine throughout the 1940s. No, I wasn't there but my daddy cleaned out some old woman's basement one time and found a complete set of the magazines from the late thirties to the mid fifties. I still have articles I tore out of those magazines when I finally got rid of them. Too bad there aren't magazines like that today.

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