The ignorant customer rant....


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The ignorant customer rant....

I'm second call for cash register duty. Things are getting busy. I open my register and begin to cash out this thirty something jerk.

I total his purchase and ask "cash or charge", he says charge. Once, twice, three times he swipes his card and it comes up Declined.

I ask him if he wants me to enter it manually, which requires about five minutes of key punches from both myself and him. All types of numbers are required including card #, zip code, 3 digit code number and the repeat of the card number.

He doesn't have his glasses and I must enter info that the customer should be entering. I repeat out loud each digit so he can be sure that I enter it in correctly. DECLINED!

He gets mad at me. I say sorry but apparently there is something wrong with the card. (Not an unusual occurrence and most people take it in stride.)

He yells "no there isn't, I just used it earlier in the day. Your equipment is bad." I say we've been using it all day without a problem. He calls me stupid and that I don't know how to operate a cash register. He throws a twenty dollar bill at me and I complete his purchase all the while he's muttering how inept I am and how aggravated he is with our store.

I swear if he hurdled one more insult at me I would've clocked him, tore off my apron and walked out!

I haven't felt such rage since I was a young man. My co-worker (of 18 year old) saw what was happening and told me to go work on screens. I did. And stewed the rest of the day.

This was obviously a Wal-Mart customer and not our usual clientele.
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Most likely he was embarrassed and over compensating.
I've had it happen to me a few times using a debit card, I knew there was more then enough money in my account but I had made two other major purchases an hour before.
I go to Lowe's to buy a $6.00 item and it's declined.
Got a better one, working on the "city counter" at an industrial supply store A guy brings in a cheap 7-1/4 saw blade to be sharpened, I tried to sell him a carbide blade we had on sale for $7.00 just $2.00 more then sharpening that cheap blade. No go.
When he come to pick up the sharpened blade he has a vernier in his hand and measure it, then he goes off saying we have destroyed his blade because it's now smaller by .010.
How do you sharpen anything with out removing metal?
We offer to give him a new steel blade for free and not charge for the sharpening. No go.
Offer to give him a new carbide blade for free, once again no go.
He want's to speak to the owner.
The owner walks out hears the whole story and walks out saying I have no time for this BS.
The guy takes us to court and gets laught out.
All over a blade that was not worth even buying.
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When things start to go sour just say, I'll call my boss. He's the person who is getting paid, to handle those things. If I were the customer, I would say, call your boss.
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Maybe you need to keep a few Milky Way bars (or dog bones) handy to adjust their sugar level .

I have too many retail stories to share here, but I have developed a way to avoid some of the rage they are trying to impart on us. It follows the saying, "we are the only ones who can affect our day". In other words, if I choose to smile (on the inside or outside) I feel better. Their day is already ruined, which they must be used to, no sense letting them ruin ours.

For me, this thinking has helped me handle some really tough customers, even the police officer one called.

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Once worked for a small hot shot delivery company. The drivers were me and my boss, the owner. The owners wife was the dispatcher. Sometimes a customer would get mad at my boss and demand to speak to the owner telling my boss he was going to get him fired. With a straight face my boss would give him the dispatchers number. She would say she would pass it on to the owner.
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I always pay my CCs in full and on time but occasionally my card will get declined even if it's run multiple times. I've always figured it was a glitch in the system somewhere between the store and the CC company. Never figured it was the clerk's/store's fault and I've never seen a reason to get bent out of shape over it!! But some folks are just horse's behinds. There is probably a reason I've never had to deal with the public on an ongoing basis
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Norm201 I am not siding with the customer but I know credit and debit cards are changing with a new chip on the end of the card. Supposedly to help prevent fraud but I suspect it actually is there to annoy both the customer and the merchant. Just recently for instance I discovered a new dollar store in my neighborhood and it had a newer card reader that read the chip. Well she is new to business and she wasn't sure in my opinion of how the machine worked. The card showed declined twice but what really happened is she didn't wait long enough for it to register.

As they say the third time is the charm and the card finally went through. I remember the days though when those card machines didn't exist and my father processed credit cards by sending slips in the mail. If the mail was lost then my father would be out thousands of dollars and of course later they improved things some as then you turned them in with your deposits. My father was still not out of the woods though as he had to wait to see if the card was declined or stolen.

When the credit card machines first came out though most of the time there were errors and angry customers saying they would never come back. Finally the machines started to improve but customers still didn't like them and they didn't understand they were there to help both the customer and the merchant. So things were better for my father when the machines came out but he hated taking credit cards as there was always a percentage he had to pay his bank and that ate into what little profit he made.
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I've had that happen a couple times when using a credit or debit card. Nothing wrong on my end, so I also figured it was a glitch in the system (thinking a problem with the computer at the bank the card was associated with). Never thought it was the cashier or the store's fault. There's something wrong with these people and they're pretty much idiot's, IMO.
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Standing in line at a lawnmower repair place for parts they were talking to a guy on the phone who wanted a refund cause the brand new lawnmower blades he got would not cut the soaking wet grass.

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