A new way to collect honey


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A new way to collect honey

I just saw this video about a new kind of bee hive. It doesn't hurt the bees and cuts back on the chance of getting stung. Unfortunately I can't post the video here so here is a link to the video Byron Bay man's beehive invention turns him into a multi-millionaire - 9news.com.au .

This was invented by a person in Australia and I think it could possibly work here in the states. It is one of the most interesting ways of collecting honey I have ever seen.
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I would really love to see how it does it but I suspect they are keeping that secret till they can get into production.
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I can't say for certain how close to production they are but did see this originally on Facebook with a link to this video. Unfortunately this doesn't give as much detail as the Facebook post did as from what I understand the honey comb is made of some kind of plastic and not made by the bees. How they attract the bees is uncertain as while I watched that video I didn't listen to the sound on Facebook as I was doing other things at the time.
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hopefully it works for the people that invested in it but just seems like its not really that great of an option given the cost at over 500 a super or over 400 for just the frames for one super not to mention just watched a video where filling one jar took 15 minutes its certainly not going to take the place of traditional extraction ever but maybe it will work for people with 1 hive that just want a few jars of honey it certainly will be costly for them.
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That reminds me of this show I think it aired on the weather channel. I forgot what it was called but these guys created a honey extraction machine from a old washing machine since the factory made electric ones are costly to a small time honey farmer.

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