Tunneling machine vs high tension cables.


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Tunneling machine vs high tension cables.

So down around these parts, last month a telecom was laying fiber and sent a tunneling machine through a couple of 132kv power lines.

100,000 users were without power for almost 4 days till the utility managed to rent some 90 or so megawatt generators and turned every available park or parking lots into temporary diesel fired power plants for the last 3 weeks it took to get the two downed substations back online.

There's been a lot of news coverage here about pissed off neighbors and fines for the contractor operating the tunneling machine but I'm mainly curious what happened to the tunneling machine but I can't find any pictures. A few months ago I accidentally shorted a light socket with a testing screwdriver (stupidity abounded) and there was a big flash and some melted metal as the breaker tripped. So what would happen to a tunneling machine when you chew up 132kv cables, explosion, melting, transported to the future like a subterranean DeLorean? I assume these mini tunner's are not manned since I didn't hear about fatalities...
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It look like clarin.com has a pic of the machine but there are things blocking access so the picture is worthless. If there is damage, it can't be seen.
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transported to the future like a subterranean DeLorean?
Probably didn't even have to get up to 88 mph.

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