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Ha! Ha! lol Ray I wish I could buy fake doors for our former rental next door. We have about 6 doors or so that we need to replace maybe 7 I can't remember now. Some was deliberate damage and some was due to old age and accidental damage. Unfortunately not just the doors but also the frames were damaged. Hmm wonder if he has any fake frames too? Ha! Ha! Happy thanksgiving Ray
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Reminds me of all the silly infomercials and the garbage that people will buy off of a late night advertising pitchman. It does, however, show the power of a really good salesman. I watch them from a different perspective in that I look for anomalies. A couple of ones that jump out at me were:

-Popel's Pasta Maker - During the infomercial, he has about 8 machines running at once extruding pasta. One of them actually jams in the background during taping.

-Tiny Giant Ladder - The pitchman is a bodybuilder and he throws the ladder around as if it is light as air. In reality, the ladder is probably the heaviest piece of equipment of that kind that I own.

-Any vacuum cleaner commercial that makes it sound like the unit is quiet as a whisper. Oreck is one, yes it is light, yes it is used by hotels, and yes you can hear it running in the next block.

-An old one was for a little sandwich maker that looked kinda like a waffle iron. You put two slices of bread in the machine, stuffed with whatever you had left over from dinner the night before, and it would make a pseudo stuffed grilled cheese sandwich. To show versatility, they wanted to show you could make dessert so they poured cake batter into it. As the were walking around and revealing all the wonderful things they made in under 3 minutes (or something like that) they got to the cake one. Pulled out a piece, split it open and it was not cooked inside. Without missing a beat, the pitchman said "Oh and look at the pudding inside" - It was an obvious fail, but he turned it into a selling point.

And I know these infomercials work, because I see the stuff for sale all the time when out at garage sales. Anyone need a used "Slap Chop", I've got one going into my next sale. Someone had it stuffed inside a Pampered Chef chopper box and listed it for 50 cents. My wife grabbed it without opening it up. False and deceptive marketing, we were scammed at a garage sale.
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Back in the 70's they advertised a diy sprayer and showed someone spraying the walls in their house stopping just short of the hanging drapes, the commercial also showed that when he got to the drapes he didn't stop but rather brought the gun down to make the next pass across the wall without letting off of the trigger! I wonder how many seconds after filming it took for the runs to start
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hehehe, sometimes at night I will stay up watching these informercials and me and my dad will talk about them, I get a laugh about the excersize machines, some things in fitness, you dont need a machine to do it, same with diet pills, all depends on how much you eat, and what your eating and activity leval.

as for that machine (bowflex extreme?? the stepper like machine) alternative is to march in place for certain amount of minutes and then every 4 or 5 minutes run as fast as you can while standing in place and punching the air.

Curves (circuit training places for women) ahh, time ot think outside the box, I prefer to use a hydraulic "arm type" commercial door closer, can't cheat with one of them, plus no social chit chat to distract you during workout and can adjust tension as well as dampening, no weights to get injured with or dropped.

czizzi, about the vacuum (oreck) my aunt had one, while watching her cats, I used it, its no different from any other upright vac she had there, just as loud as the Dyson (animal series) but some downsides too, no attachments and no hose to vacuum any other surface accept the floor, I guess its because of volume control laws regarding infomercials why they do not use the product live (to show how loud it is to the environment)

speaking of volume controls and commercials, SOMEONE please do something with that Coloplast commercial, with the ranch owner talking about her colostomy bag/catheter supply companyand at the end says "Coloplast not only gets an "atta boy" but a (yelling tone) whoohoo!" ok, that is a bit too loud and no real warning that she will get THAT excited over a colostomy bag, I guess it only effects those who need one, but can or will they ever drop that last 5 seconds so listeners dont complain or make people cover their ears??

as for Ron Popiel's pasta machines (or any other small appliance he sells) "set it and forget it" is not the best rule to go with, don't they realize that many kitchen fires are result of careless cooking (overcooking) or something shorting out??

marksr, sounds like your talking about the Wag*** power painter (astrisks intended, as I am not trying to bad mouth a company)

another I remember was the shamwow, (some towel thing) I seen a live demo of something similar at a wholesale store (BJ's Wholesale in PA) no real different then using a dehydrated washcloth or towel

and another was some green cleaner, same store, different week, but this time the salesman was advertising a solution that can remove black spray paint from a rug, I looked at the can he had, and compared it to a can on the shelf in the store's DIY isle, my result, I kept my mouth shut to not piss anyone off,

I have my ways of removing spray plaint from a rug or skin even, works alot better then some "miracle green cleaner" that is just colored water in a spray bottle or rubbing alcohol.

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