How To Disassemble A Jeep


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How To Disassemble A Jeep

An oldie but goodie. Another team:
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That was really neat Ray I didn't realize a Jeep could be taken apart so fast. At my dads gas station that he leased from the oil company my dad once owned a little Jeep. It wasn't military it was a former mail Jeep that someone owned and asked him if he would like to buy it. He said sure I can use it to go get parts from the parts dealers. Before that he would let his employees use his Buick that he owned at the time. The Jeep was a good idea at the time and it kept his car clean but it wasn't too practical as it was small and of course had no air conditioning.

I took a ride in it a few times when my moms car was being worked on all those years ago. It wasn't a very smooth ride either and I could see why many mail carriers didn't like them. I think finally the transmission gave out or was going out and he decided to sell the old Jeep.
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Imagine if all cars were built on this premise.

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