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Random thoughts

Things that REALLY tick me off.

Question marks used at the end of a declarative sentence. Here is an example from my local TV news site.
"I was thinking, should we pull out the row boats?
It's NOT a question, it is a declaration. She states what she was thinking. End it with a period, NOT a question mark.

Sexual predators and child molesters.
Ore. woman guilty of sexually abusing 7-year-old boy | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
25 years of free room and board, not what I think she should receive.

Deadbeat parents.
Mom of newborn found buried alive in California is arrested | National & World News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
Free room and board for life. How about saving the kid and let the deadbeat go with the proviso that she can NEVER receive any kind of governmental assistance?

Carefully crafted advertising being sold as a news story. Also people that are paid for writing but really have no skill at writing.
5 beds, 4 baths & 4 fireplaces: Magnolia listing has it all | The Home | Seattle Refined - Life is Different Here
"...isn’t as pricey compared to others we’ve profiled (still $2,748,000 million though),..."
Read as written that would be two million, seven-hundred forty-eight thousand million dollars.

And my favorite. Or would it be my least favorite? The news media calling any "do-gooder" a Good Samaritan. My first impression is that the writer is stating that most Samaritans are NOT good. The Samaritans (true Samaritans, NOT the charitable organization that takes its name from the parable) are an obscure Jewish sect, numbering less than 1,000 members worldwide, and mostly in Israel. I am quite sure that either as individuals or as a group they are no better or no worse than any other group of people. Not everyone in the world, or even in the US, is a Christian so why does the media insist on using this very obviously Christian term?
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What gets me is all the mis spellings or wrong words in the newspapers [or least ways around here] I like spell check but it gives you options and you need to pick the right one. I guess no one proof reads anymore One of the local news sites always puts an add in the middle of the links to the different news stories - disguised as news

Recently I've noticed on the news where they say this person or that one was arrested for an alleged crime. I know you are presumed innocent until proven guilty but I doubt the arrest warrant says alleged DUI or alleged robbery

Our country was founded on Christian principles and is still more or less a Christian nation although it is a far cry from what it was 50 yrs ago.
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I was thinking, should we pull out the row boats? Could be written:

I was thinking, "should we pull out the row boats?".
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I've crippled my ability to listen to what people mean when they allow their speech to be cluttered up with "filler words" or "place holders" such as . . . . "you know"; or "well"; "I mean"; "basically", or "like".

I don't like command words such "Look!" or "Listen!". I've also come to despise the words "impactful" and "what not" and "nuances". I especially hate the use of the word(?) "yadda yadda" !

And why do people say "whatever" or continuously interject the word "right" in their speech, as if to ellicit implied agreement with everything they've said up to that point ?

I especially resent it when someone starts their commentary with "Well, I mean" . . . . when they haven't even said anything that needs clarification. What's with that ?

I recently sat through a seminar where the lecturing Attorney used the syllable "ummm" over 240 times during her 90 minute presentation. . . . and I'm sure she used it a few dozen times even before I became fixated on counting how many times it was uttered. That seminar could have been shortened to just 60 minutes without all those "ummmms" !

Now I can't listen to anyone without having my antennae rise when I hear one of these filler words.

It's my problem, I know . . . . and I hope I haven't passed my problem along to you ! (actually I do). I'm sure that these people have a meaningful message buried inside all of this excessive verbiage; but it's becoming increasingly difficult to ferret it out.

I can't change the World.

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