scratchy paper


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scratchy paper

My wife has already got me tickled this morning Awhile back she spilt something on the bar/table in the kitchen that ate thru the poly and stain so I'll have to refinish the top. The offending area is a little rough and she asked me for some scratchy paper I thought maybe she needed scrap paper to write on She wanted to sand that area smooth
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" scratchy paper"

I'll need to use that term in the store from now on.
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I thought this was going to be about factory grade toilet tissue. Just shows what a warped mind I have. LOL
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Well, it's better than using fly paper!
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I was stationed in Spain in the 60's. The TP there was so scratchy (think brown paper bag on a roll) that we used to swipe it from the ship for use at home. Whenever we traveled around Europe we brought our own TP with us.
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"scratchy paper" I love it. Having been in the repair business for most of my life I have learned we must listen to our customers and figure out what they are trying to describe. Auto mechanics I know have some great ones, it goes thumpity bang when I turn a corner .

But scratchy paper is a new one for me, and a good one.


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