I resolve.....


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I resolve.....

I will completely finish every project, including filling the nail holes and installing that last little piece of trim, before I move on to the next.

I will stop buying materials for that project that I am maybe thinking about doing, sometime later, when I get time....just because the materials are on sale at a good price.

I will stop picking projects based on being able to justify buying some new cool tool. (OK, let's be honest...never going to stick to this one)

I won't start a second, or third, or fourth project to avoid the boring parts of project #1.

I'll stop logging into DIY "just for a minute" to avoid the boring parts of project #1.

I will stop saving every little piece of scrap whatever, just in case....

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I've already broken every single one of those!

Thanks for putting all that into words that I refuse to say out loud.

Especially that second last one.
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I resolve...

to really clean up all the paper work that needs filling, as soon as I can.

to order those refrigerator water filters that needed changing 8 weeks ago.

to clean up all those old electronics and 10 year old computers lying in the basement.

to regularly turn all water valves off, then on every few months to keep the seals from drying out. Yea, right!

to bite the bullet and buy a new hot water tank that needs replacement after 15 years. But I want to see how long I can make it last.

to clean the interior of the car.

This post is so cathartic, yet so useless.
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Boy, I'm sure glad I don't do new years resolutions
except for cleaning the car I'm guilty of all of the above
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I resolve to never do New Years Resolutions I can never stick to them anyway I fit into some of those categories but I will not say which. Happy New Year Everyone!
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No New Year's resolutions for me either. I know I'm not going to change... except get worse.

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