Difficult Guitar Question


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Difficult Guitar Question

HI I hope you can help me, my buddy gave me a guitar 25 years ago and I don't play the guitar, I'm getting ready to retire and move and am cleaning house. I opened the case and it's in great condition and want to sell it, but I have no idea what it's worth if anything. It's a Fender 12 string acoustic, all I can find out about it is from the Fender web site and it's a Fender F360S-12 made only in 1987, it retailed back then for $535 USD; it's solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. None are for sale or closed a sale on ebay or craigslist. Does anyone know what it's worth or what I can get for it? Thank You In Advance For Any Help.
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Post it for half the orignal price but don't expect more than a third. All prices are imaginary until the sale actually takes place.
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I would search ebay using the advanced search, and select completed sales, to see what similar ones have sold for.
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I agree with Xsleeper look at completed listings on e-bay if you haven't already and you will find a great deal of listings if not the exact guitar then something similar. If you still can't find something close enough to your satisfaction then I suggest you look for a guitar dealer. You might find a referral from a church group or a band at a restaurant for a good guitar dealer you can trust. Some guitar dealers sell used guitars if they are in very good condition. Avoid pawn shops though as you usually don't get a good price there.
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2nd taking it to a guitar shop. They're usually pretty honest on what it's worth and what they will give you. After that you can decide if you want to take the loss to make an easy sell or sell it yourself.
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That's an interesting guitar. It was produced in Asia..... probably Japan.

Fender F360S-12
1987 Fender F360S-12 Solid Spruce Top Rosewood Back & Sides MSRP was $599!
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Thanks Everyone, but no one wanted it; it's not a seeked out item, so I'll hold onto it.
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Maybe a local music store will consign it for you?

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