sonic boom along the east coast


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sonic boom along the east coast

It has been some time since I encountered a sonic boom, they used to be common. But the explanation that this occasion was during practice seems strange, they have plenty of space for that without shaking up a few million people.

In Bangor we used to host the F101 Voodoos which could respond from here to DC and there was no speed limit like not generating sonic booms. "Responding" today still allows that exception and I suspect those booms were more likely a response to something too close to our shores. Not that they should tell the public what they were really doing, but "practice", doesn't seem likely. Chasing bad guys I think.

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That's a good thing if it was a scramble due to a possible infringement from a foreign nation or some such thing. On the other hand it's good to see training still taking place. I kind of wish we could see more of this type of thing. Here on the Niagara Frontier where we share a boarder with a another nation, and have a strategic location on the Niagara River, our air base is all but defunct. I remember years back when we could see many types of planes in the air. Canada as a friendly nation not with standing, any invasion of our country will likely come from our southern or northern boarders and at a populated area. So in our politicians infinite wisdom, the Niagara Falls air base has been reduce to near nothing.
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Since they removed the B-52's and fighters from Dow AFB we are left with just the refueling tankers, however, we still have a very long runway (3 miles) and a low density of air traffic. This combination attracts the c-5 crews for practice and occasionally a fighter group. Don't the doors open when we hear those fighters coming and going. I've seen a couple of Osprey, a B-1, and a few Russian transports a few years back when we thought they were going to be friendly. I even saw one huge passenger jet go right over the top of me, the one with a a blue accent and an American flag on the tail.

And yes, I'm glad they are out there, be it practice or not.

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The sonic booms were created by a Navy F-35C out of Pax River It was operating in the Atlantic Test range. Not the first time.

Tomorrow there will probably be internet blogs calling it an alien invasion.
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Air Force One regularly does touch and go training at the small airport near me. The approach comes directly over the local Home Depot so it is an awesome sight to watch this beast of a plane lumber toward you and eventually go right over the top of you. I know the man is not inside, but the plane is so big, it looks like it doesn't have the forward speed to keep aloft. Happens at least once a month touch and go, low swing around for another approach, touch and go - repeats maybe 6 of 7 times. Is also impressive when those huge engines power up to launch the plane back up after wheels touch down. Make one proud. A ton of military aircraft around here all the time, I'm almost numb to it. But never heard a boom.
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I'm shocked that people are calling 911 to report it. "I heard a boom" is not an emergency any more than calling 911 that you're out of beer or that "it's snowy and the road needs to be plowed".
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I felt the vibrations about 4 or 5 times between 1 & 4PM. I certainly didn't call 911. I knew it had something to do with the Feds. One time I called 911 when traffic lights were out at 2 major intersections, on the Queens side of the Midtown Tunnel. The 911 operator told me "that's not an emergency" & hung up.
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FYI its just that the atmospheric conditions were right for this to happen here it the east coast...

Weekly my walls vibrate from the training and bombing runs at McGuire, so nothing new and no big deal..

Normal for me but I can see the many that dont hear it everyday can be concerned...

Thunderbolts often target... I live a few miles from here....

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Twice I have lived near a major military strip, but never had a problem with the ocassional sonic boom because they avoided that because of random military air traffic. Being near the bases was actually interesting.

In VA, lived near the Oceana base base just off the coast. There was occasionally concentrated air traffic, but it was just the planes being moved off the carriers coming into port. When we were in an apartment and the planes came in pairs side-by-side and the pilots would wave or "waggle" as they went over on the way home to their mates. It was just an interesting event, but a warning not to go out to a restaurant for a few days because of the military pairs (M&F). - Sometimes the routine is comforting with no "surprise" booms.

When living in northern MI we had a long, wide strip the supposedly was a SAC landing strip for emergencies. A regional airline operated out of there with 2 to 4 flights per day. It was so calm that when our company plane came in to land, the pilot would make a pass to make sure the bears and deer we off before we landed and then the pilot would jokingly ask if we wanted to land the long way or across the runway (Cessna). -In the summer any of the week-end warriors or other groups increased the activity, we had many unusual planes in for educational activities. Because of the wide range of planes and proximity of Lake Huron, many times we had sonic booms when the went out over the lake, but it was not a problem because the pilots sleep at night usually.

For sheer terror and entertainment, the spot to be would be around Area 51 in NV, because you never know what might be going on. I was frequently at Edwards AFB and the vehicles landing were quiet and no one complained because they done making "booms" elsewhere.

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My aunt and uncle used to live in Clinton Maryland very near Andrews Air Force base. Many times if you were outside the planes could be quite noisy but never any sonic boom that I know of. Funny thing was of all the years I visited my aunt and uncle and at earlier times my grandmother and grandfather who live with my aunt and uncle, we never once went to any of the air shows. We were at my aunt and uncles house a few times during the air shows and then it was quite noisy since they were flying more planes.

I think later on they changed the direction the planes flew in order to cut back on noise and be better neighbors. In case you might be wondering I never once saw air force one flying in the sky and to my knowledge I don't believe my aunt or uncle ever did either.
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I'll shorten the story. Back in the early 60s you would have thought barn storming was long gone, but my dad and a pilot out of Dow AFB borrowed a DC3 and went from Maine to Montana and back. Now, it was all (somewhat) approved as my dad was in charge of the KC97 link trainer and the pilot needed to get a lot of flight time in to keep his status current. So off they went hopping across the north country and landed in a field near Corvallis MT where they spent a couple of days with my grandparents. Then they hopped all the way back. Uneventful as far as I ever heard and none of his stripes disappeared, but still interesting. I did come across a picture of him in MT next to that plane. I'll have to write up the story and frame it for future generations. Borrowing a Military transport to hop across the country is a bit unique.


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