"Your card has been declined!"

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"Your card has been declined!"

Is there anything more irritating than to have your waitress announce loudly in a crowded restaurant that she had run our card twice and it was declined both times. Then when I provided another card she returned with the same message. I knew that both cards were fine. I had just used one on the way to the restaurant and it worked OK. The second card was a credit card that had a zero balance. My wife was embarrassed, certain that everyone in the restaurant was staring at us.

The waitress called the manager over and we all walked out to the register. She swiped the card again and it came out declined again. The manager told the waitress that the reader on the register wasn't working that day and she should use a portable card reader alongside. I went from zero to pissed in about 2 seconds! He knew of the card reader problem and had neglected to tell the waitstaff.

Then I tried to pay cash. I gave her three $20s for a $53 dollar tab and there wasn't enough change in the register to break a $20! Won't be dining there again.

End of rant.
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A real rant would have included the name of the restaurant.
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Didn't Ray start a thread on something like this, "you can't cure stupid".
Since you were dealing with people below the owner level, it would be best to send a description of what happened to someone who might give a sh**. Maybe they can explain it properly to those who chose to ruin a customers visit. Then, maybe that person can do something to regain your patronage.

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If it were me I would complain to a corporate office if the restaurant wasn't local and if it was I would have waited to get my money even if they had to go to the bank to get my change. I am sure too that they wouldn't want the police called in.

Once we had something like what happened to you that made us mad at a Big Boy restaurant we had a hot fudge Sunday and the Sunday tasted awful. So we complained to the manager who we thought would take the Sunday off of the bill but instead he said oh yeah we know the fudge machine doesn't work. We then asked for some money back and the manage said sorry I can't do that. We still paid but we never went back to that Big Boy.

Sometimes when your credit card is declined it is operator error I know with those cards that have the chip on the end they take longer to register. They also have to be put in on the end of the credit card machine and not slid through like with other cards. I learned that not long ago when I saw one of those newer credit card readers at a fairly new dollar store. At first my card was declined but after the store owner waited long enough the card was accepted.
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Seems like credit card machines are prone to be finicky. Years ago I used to buy gas at one station [pre pay at the pump] and while the cute blonde could always make my card work, the other employees couldn't - I didn't complain too much

Back when our grandson was little I went to buy an above ground pool. I was shocked when I went to pay and found out my credit card had been cancelled Apparently there was a big security breach and they cancelled a lot of cards and sent out new ones. It would have been nice to have been forewarned.
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When I got my new "chip" card from the bank my first use after activation was at HD. I went to pay for my stuff and the lady told me to insert the card in the bottom of the reader. It promptly shut down her entire terminal, screen, register, reader, everything. We found out you have to swipe the card first, then follow the instructions to insert it later in the transaction.
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Let me play devil's advocate for this thread. Like the man said you can't cure stupid. And that goes for consumers who think that any card at any cost will work all the time no matter what they buy or when.

As a cashier I see this all too often. Our card readers (although old) will read 1000's of cards every day without problems. Then comes along a customer who's card is declined and it's our fault! Not just the card reader but the store and me personally. And they seem to let everybody know about it. Of course they don't believe me that they are most likely overdrawn. Or have just purchased an amount that exceeds their normal use and the bank put a hold on it. Or the fact that they keep the card next to other cards that are full of dirt and grime. Or maybe the credit card processing company's servers may be at capacity at that particular moment. Or perhaps their credit is just no damn good (sometimes the strip gets corrupted) (Yes many, many stores still use the strip and not the chip). And yet, the next customers card works just fine.

Of course many times all it takes is to clean the card along one's pant leg and that will usually fix the problem. Or maybe if the customer would learn to swipe the card in a even consistent way instead of a jerky fast, slow method. Or maybe they might try looking at the reader and see how to insert or swipe the card instead of talking on their phone as we try to communicate with them on how to use their card. But no that would be too rude on our part to interrupt their nonsense conversation. Or maybe they might try using an actual credit card instead of their rewards cards.

On the other hand anybody who gets embarrass about a declined card nowadays is also stupid. It's very common and most people do not get embarrassed and on lookers don't care. It happens. You go to your bank and ask why the card is declined. They tell you or fix it and it's done.

But some people think their BO don't stink. About a year ago I related a story about a customer who threatened to kill me because his card was declined. Yea, their out there. Stupid customers and clerks. Keep in mind every store clerk is also a consumer and is just as stupid as a person on the job as they are as a customer.

Fortunately in my store most of the customers who have declined cards are very polite and reasonable about it and do not make a fuss. Usually I make a joke about it.

OK, now this is rant!
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Part 2

Admittedly our card readers are odd but not impossible. They are the type that you wait for the beep, slide the card with the strip facing downward and facing the register and swiping across. We have a graphic, and as we cash out the customer we (I) use our hands and verbally instruct to show how to swipe the card by drawing our finger across the reader. Almost 100% of the time the customer is swiping the card even before I'm finished scanning all his products. Then they continue to swipe while I'm trying to tell them to wait for the beep. Many time I must put my hand over the card reader to stop them from trying. Most women get it, but men seem to be oblivious to how these thing work or do not care to read or listen to any instructions.

Our card reader are also dual type for both chip and swipe. But we are not chip ready. We have a sign inserted in the chip slot that says clearly NOT CHIP READY, PLEASE SWIPE. Many customers will try to force their card into the slot reader even though its filled with a card board sign that says not to.
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My CC transactions are still old fashioned, I touch-tone the data to my processor on my flip phone. Only time I have problems is when i get in a hurry or get fat-fingered and mistype a number.
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"On the other hand anybody who gets embarrass about a declined card nowadays is also stupid."

So you are calling my wife stupid for getting embarrassed by a loudmouthed waitress? not effin cool Norm

I have never had a card declined though I have had swipe problems. This was "declined" an indication that the bank refused to honor the card.

Maybe if the minimart you cashier for got new card readers you wouldn't have so many problems.
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I agree, not cool and in fact quite nasty.

Embarrassment, over anything, has absolutely nothing do with a person's level of intelligence. However, the common mentality of the masses is that if a credit (or debit) card is declined that automatically means the person is a poor money manager. Of course this common thought is, in the vast majority of cases absolutely false. It is no different than the idea of a fat person having no will power or is just plain stupid. The same as women always being lousy drivers or not knowing which end of an adjustable wrench to hold.
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"On the other hand anybody who gets embarrass about a declined card nowadays is also stupid."
Exactly! Have to agree with that statement... It happens. When such happens to me, I make fun of it instead of getting embarrassed.......or mad.... Usual reply, guess this place (where ever it happens to be) doesn't like me anymore....

Happened to me just recently at the banks own atm. Card declined repeatedly... No problem. Chance to have some fun. Entered bank and pretty young lady behind counter and the "Bullet" proof plastic... she asked if she could help me. My reply, with doubtful look on face, "I Don't Think This Bank Likes Me Anymore."... She assured me repeatedly that was not the case....

Height of embarrassing! Other time exiting big box electronic store. Paid for all merchandise and approach the exit and alarms sound, lights flash and you get that feeling security personnel the size of linebackers closing in on 'ya... YEP! Sure enough. What do you hear? Sir! We need you to step over >HERE<!...

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Norm as a cashier I think you should learn the difference between swipe errors and "card declined" before you go calling people names. Otherwise some people might think you stupid.

From BankRate.com "The embarrassment of having your credit card declined is bad enough -- but why did it happen -"

Card limit exceeded
Daily spending limit exceeded
Missed/delinquent payments
Fraudulent card
Credit report hit lowers limit
Card has expired
Multiple short term hits

All of which might be embarrassing to most people if publicly announced.
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I debated weather I should respond to the fact that I supposedly called your wife stupid. Well, in for penny, in for a pound. We all know it was not directed at your wife (but I suppose we have to be PC correct nowadays). But you can all choose to read it as you wish.

Until you are on the other side of the counter you have no idea how stupid, rude, argumentative, ignorant, foul language, insulting and life threatening people can be all because this thing called "the customer is always right" BS. Even when they aren't. Try walking in other peoples shoes before you all throw arrows. Yea, I'm tee'd off. (See, I can interpret thing the way I want also.) And on this forum I should not be. Sorry!

Of course the waitress was wrong and the owners were not prepared. And as a customer you have every right to be upset. However, it's your choice to be embarrassed. Maybe because I've been on the other side, I know I would've handled the situation differently.

How about this little scenario. This week some guy tried to pass off a Mexican peso (or some such denomination) that looks just like a US 50 cent piece. He tried arguing with me that it was a US coin. It started to get ugly so I acceopted the damn thing just not to embarrass him and others. Of course my till is off and Norm is accused of not being careful and alert. Thanks Mr. Customer.

Here's another all too common customer/clerk scene. Many people don't know that there is a $2.00 bill in US currency. Many cashiers will not accept them and many store owner are just as ignorant. If that's all you happen to have then what are you suppose to do? Cashiers and owners need to be trained. Sorry you got stick with a screw ball.

And last but not least is the customer who comes into the store early in the morning and is usually the first customer of the day. Buys a $3.00 item and pays with a $100 bill. Seriously? No stores is prepared to change $100 bills first thing in the morning. It's not that we can't, it that we not set up to do it. That is standard procedure for most businesses. (The manger must be called to open the safe and make change, meanwhile all other activity must stop).

My I suggest (and only a suggestion) that this thread be closed before others and myself be mis-read or interpreted.

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Norm as a cashier I think you should learn the difference between swipe errors and "card declined" before you go calling people names. Otherwise some people might think you stupid.
Swipe errors are one thing, declined cards are another. Declined cards don't necessarily mean the card is bad or that the swipe was good. You always give at least two two tries. Have you ever operated a cash register? I suspect not. Many things can go wrong with the card reader, the computer and the card itself. All of which means the card may or may not be bad.
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Wow really guys???

Thread closed......
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