Heros welcome for a crook!


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Heros welcome for a crook!

Just what is this world coming to? Today John Rigas was given a "compassionate release" from prison and was welcomed to his hometown of Cloudersport, PA with nearly a 100 people cheering him on. The guy was and is a crook! He stole from those very same people and many investors and from the government.

Ex-Adelphia owner John Rigas back home in Coudersport, Pa. - City & Region - The Buffalo News

Rigas and his son, once head of the Adelphia Cable (one of the largest cable companies in the US, absorbed by Time-Warner") and former owner of the NHL Buffalo Sabres was sentenced to prison for bilking the company of 1 billion dollars. That's with a B! along with conspiracy and fraud!

The article goes on to point out many acts of kindness that he did for individuals and the community. Seriously? So did Al Capone. Maybe we should erect a statue to the one time notorious mobster.

To be fair others did point out how he swindled many other people and ruined many other lives.

I'm not unsympathetic to the early release of a 91 in failing health, but hell he is no hero. Beside his life in prison could not have so bad. After all he did have family. He was bunk mates with his son.

I'll bet these same well wishers will be voting for...Oh never mind.
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Thank you, Norm, I could not agree with you more. Strange times we live in.
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There has always been public figures that defy reasoning, wasn't it the mayor of DC that got arrested and jailed for being a crack head? Then got re elected when he got out of jail Sometimes I think some folks look more at a person's looks and personality than their actual deeds.
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And it's not just here in the US. Remember mayor Ford of Toronto? A Real piece of work.
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I remember that Mayor of DC too not only was he arrested for using crack cocaine but he was always suspected of theft of appliances meant to go into apartments that were low rent. They never could prove anything and eventually once the press found the appliances people could finally move into their apartments. I am glad I never lived in DC especially when he was mayor. Oh he did some good deeds but to me he was a criminal. Now they want to change a schools name to his name why I have no idea but I suppose it may eventually happen.

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