Anybody else hate automatic renewal?


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Anybody else hate automatic renewal?

I subscribe to a number of e-magazines, and have joined at one time or another various pay-sites. Lately it seems like more and more of these type sites require you to sign up for automatic renewal, with no way to opt out. They say it's for your "convenience", and that you always have the option to cancel. What they don't tell you is that cancelling almost always means a phone call, a long wait on hold, and the hard sell. I think we know who's convenience this is for, and it isn't mine.

So now I simply refuse to sign up for anything that *requires* auto renewal. And I send an email to the site telling them why.

There are sites like Fine Woodworking where I gladly sign up for auto renewal, but I want it to be my choice.

What do you all do?
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It depends what it is. I have some auto renew items and some I refuse. If you want to remove yourself from an automatic renew, do what I do. Send one letter (or e-mail, or recorded phone call, or whatever) and say the words "This is to put you on notice that I no longer want your services/merchandise/whatever. You have ten days to comply or legal action will be taken." I have never had any repercussions and never had a problem ending any services.
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If a credit card is involved, you should be able to block it through the CC company or tell them to give you a new account with a new #. Automatic payments shouldn't be transferred.
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It's not that there isn't a way to cancel....there is. Its that they don't give you an option to join *just* for a year, with the option to renew. The only option is to join with automatic renewal with the option to cancel.
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I pretty much refuse to sign up for anything that has automatic renewals. I don't want to be in the position of having to remember to cancel if I don't want it renewed.
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Many times the renewal is after a free trial period. It is sort of like autopay with bills. I don't like it at all. I am in charge of when and how I pay bills, and although I pay them on the vendor's site, I still want to click the button.

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