Sports Authority treadmill and warranty


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Sports Authority treadmill and warranty

Not quite sure where to put this post. Please move if there's need.

Hello, I just bought a treadmill from Sports Authority 5 days ago with 4-year maintenance warranty through (first-year warranty with SA) for total of 5 years coverage warranty. I haven't taken delivery of the machine as yet. Today, I read where Sports Authority has filed for bankruptcy! (with possible sale to another outfit). Anyway, they are liquidating in my town, though I didn't know this 5 days ago when I bought.

My question..... is it likely that Sports Authority will honor the first year warranty on this machine? Are there laws for this? If I can get through the first year without service, I should be OK but still concerned if it does need maintenance? I bought a ProForm Performance 400i, a fairly good walking machine. Wondering if Simplr will honor the additional time on the warranty? My gut tells me to cancel this complete buy, delivery, assembly and extended warranty, etc. I am adamant about my treadmill workouts everyday, for an hour, mostly walking but some light running, and some days I do 2(two) broken hours on the machine when time allows. I really use it and I need a maintenance plan! Does anyone know about Simplr Warranty Plans? Are they a good warranty? Will they possibly renege on the extended warranty as it was bought through Sports Authority, a soon to be bankrupt company? How fast should I 'hard' run away from this? ugh....... Thank you for all your time here helping us out! You guys rock!
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I'd cancel the deal. You can find similar or better machines online or in stores. Why take the chance.
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Moved thread because it is not really an electrical question. Carry on.
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I agree with GG only more adamantly. Why jump into a can of worms if you can back out now with all of your money. When bankrupt they may not have paid the extended warranty company, thus they will not be honoring that agreement. My guess.

If you paid by CC you may be able to get that back. If you paid by check or cash, not so easy.

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You will have the manufacturer's warranty no matter what. You don't have to register the product, but I would save the receipt.
For the extended warranty, I would call the insurance company that offers it. I would guess they will honor the warranty whether the place stays in business or not.

Or just bail out
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Thanks! I will cancel it tomorrow. I paid with my credit card so should be no problem.
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Not sure if you have ever heard of Circuit City stores I think they were mainly on the east coast and never made it into Alaska where you are. The reason I mention them is I had a similar situation happen to me only this was for television sets. We bought two one for my bedroom and one for the living room and both went bad at different times. The first set went bad right as the store was getting ready to close out their store. We had bought an extended warranty on both sets. The first television set they took back at the store because we bought it before closing.

So that was lucky for us and that television we replaced it with at the store still works although it has its occasional problems. The second television set then went south and just shut off and wouldn't turn back on. In this case though the store nearest to us had already closed so it was a good thing we had the extended warranty. The warranty company couldn't send a repair person though but did send through e-mail a return label for UPS and I sent it off via the nearest UPS Store. A little later on we received a check for a new television.

Extended warranties though are not always all that good and your experience may or may not be as good as mine. Also store policies for returns especially those going out of business vary. The very fact though that you haven't yet taken delivery of your treadmill may mean that you will be able to return it according to Sports Authority store policy. You also have protections according to state law concerning contracts which vary from state to state. Businesses that are going out of business though unfortunately don't always adhere to those policies and laws.

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