Fun day cutting a tree


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Fun day cutting a tree

Last week I had what should have been a simple job of cutting up an old rotten tree that had tipped over.
The tree long ago had been cut off about 8' above ground so all I had to deal with is the butt 8' long and 4' thick.
It had not rained around here for weeks and there was a total burn ban on.
I get into the middle of the tree and notice the saw starting to cut like it was hitting something so I stop to check it out.
I step back and see the saw dust starting to catch fire and smoke coming out of the log.
I run around the house looking for an outside faucet and there is none.
I ended up having to use my Tea I just bought to put it out.
Once I got the tree cut up, three blades later (the owner said he would pay for anything I broke) we found a piece of rebar in the center of the tree and nails all through the tree about 12" under the outside of the tree.
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Good to know that with a little persistence you CAN cut rebar with a chainsaw!
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Wow. The nails I can understand, but the rebar? When I was a kid I think I pounded nails into every tree on my folk's place. Turned all of dad's wooden stakes into cleats for tree climbing. LOL
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Would never had expected rebar inside a tree I recently hit a small rock in the middle of a pine tree I was cutting up - still haven't gotten that chain back to wear it was

A week or so ago one of the local weathermen said we were having a dry spring and expected us to have a dry summer - it's rained most every day since
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SIL had half a dozen really big pine trees on the back edge of her yard and wanted to sell them for lumber, probably $500 to $1,000 each, IF they had been deep in the woods. But as soon as the lumber yards heard they were near the house they wouldn't risk their saws to cut them up. I bet they learned that the hard way.

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Not the first time I've ran into rebar in the middle of a tree.
As long as someone else is paying for the blade I'll go for it.

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