9 items you can't buy at the supermarket


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9 items you can't buy at the supermarket

I saw this article from ME-TV.com and thought I would share a list of 9 items you can't buy in the supermarket MeTV Network | These flop grocery products should have never hit the shelves . I will not list them all here but one that I had never heard of was a toaster bacon a very bad idea as it caused toasters to catch on fire. One wonders why such products ever make it on the market. Anyway I thought the list made for a good laugh. Have a great day!
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Interesting stuff there. Most were before my time but I seem to vaguely remember the Life Savers soda.

Toaster bacon...wow. I thought microwave bacon was bad enough! Coke flavored Jell-O might not have been too bad as far as taste, but the brown color wouldn't have been too appealing.

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"wow. I thought microwave bacon was bad enough"

It depends how you cook it. I use the bowl method and the bacon comes out browned and crisp without all the grease. LINK

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