Memorial Day


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Memorial Day

A great day for parades, cookouts and family gatherings. But just a reminder why we observe - not celebrate - Memorial day.

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This is but one of hundreds of cemeteries filled with our war dead. In too many cases these are forgotten young men with not a living soul to remember their existence let alone their sacrifice.

Please take a moment to honor them.
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Seems like back when Memorial day always came on the same date each year - the focus was on the soldiers that gave their all. Now that it's tied to a weekend seems like most people focus more on the lake/river or cooking out
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When I worked for the electric utility my immediate supervisor was of the opinion that if a holiday was worth celebrating it should be celebrated (observed) on the actual day, not moving it to a day that was more "convenient" for a party. I tend to agree.
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Not that we need more crosses to remind us, but we need to remember the thousands buried on other shores. I did a quick Google and thought this link had a grasp on the numbers. I'm sure there are others.
Articles: The Noble Sacrifice We Remember

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Good article, Bud.
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I should have identified the photo. It is a portion of the American Cemetery in Normandy. There are 9,387 American servicemen buried there.
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not moving it to a day that was more "convenient" for a party.
Wait a minute! I hope you think that holidays were moved to help us have better parties. They were moved because companies lost less money being closed, on a Monday than they did any other day of the week. It started in 1970 & I remember my boss telling me that "they are finally doing something for us".
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One thing I wish retailers would do is not advertise Memorial Day sales I think it is disrespectful of those who have passed on. I know Memorial Day is to honor those who have served in the military and paid the ultimate sacrifice but let us not forget the police and fire persons who also have sacrificed their lives while protecting others. Also let us not forget those kind people who may have never served but who were kind and helped others not because they had to and not because they were paid but because they really cared and wanted too.

That is what Memorial Day is all about not the sales or the picnics with the barbecues although gathering together is important please take some time to reflect on those who have passed on.
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just a bump

Hope everyone has a great day with family and friends but don't forget to remember the reason for the holiday!

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