Things that make no sense.


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Things that make no sense.

The Washington state legislature is under orders from the state supreme court to fix the school funding crisis. The court has fixed a daily fine against the legislature (I don't think it has actually imposed the fine as of yet) until the problem is fixed.

A county judge has just ordered the superintendent of the state mental hospital to jail for not providing a space for a person now in police custody to have their mental competence evaluated. This judge is also imposing a fine for every day that the person is denied a space at the hospital.

Both of these cases (and there are lots more) have one governmental agency fining another. Any thinking person realizes that the figureheads of these agencies are not paying the fines out of their own pockets but instead it is the rank-and-file TAXPAYERS that will pay the fines as well as being the net losers in the end. Since we taxpayers and voters have little to no say on how the budgets are drawn, little to no say over who is appointed to the various agencies, little to no say over the policies of the various agencies, it is the general populace that is REALLY getting screwed. The ONLY thing we get to vote for is the re-election of the same people that are at the root of the problem and they get re-elected at about a 90+% rate.
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When it comes to the gov't I'm not sure there is anything that resembles financial sense
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Nothing in government makes sense. That includes schools. Good thing I gotta go to work because I could go on rant about this subject.
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We just went through a primary election cycle. People in the know are fed up with incumbent representatives and senators. There was great politicking taking place to have the toilet flushed so to speak. Come election day it was obvious the unknowing voters with little to do but enter the voting booth and press the button beside every candidate with an (I) next to their name. Stupid is as stupid does. We are now stuck with the same old group for the next 2 years.
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Term limits would help to keep the riff raff out of congress and out of the state houses. There really is no reason why an elected official should be in office more than 8 years. There still would be the chance for bribes of elected officials but bribes wouldn't help much. None of the elected officials though want to seriously talk about term limits. They may talk about term limits but never actually do anything about it.

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