Does anyone know what they're doing with prescription refills ?


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Does anyone know what they're doing with prescription refills ?

OK So I needed to have my blood pressure meds refilled. Only problem is target merged with CVS and they claim all prescriptions are automatically switched over to the new system. Well no there not. I log into my old CVS account which does not show any prescriptions listed or any needing refill. So since none are listed i decide to transfer the prescription from target to CVS even though it the same store just different name(even the phone number is the same). Well i check back the next day in my account and it shows nothing. They said i could check the status via my account and orders well nothing shows up. So I decide maybe they lost it in the switch and I decide to try and transfer it to walmart. I get a email saying it was a success and it will be ready the next day. I go to walmart the next day and the guy behind the counter goes I've tried calling but first they put him on hold or they hang up. Hes tries again that day and then says that target says I have no refills even though the bottle says I have one left. I tell him I still got 1 left and he goes Well i called them so you call them now. DOES NO ONE HAVE THERE CRAP TOGETHER. I only have enough for Sunday. I tried calling my doctors office to see if anyone mans the phones on Sunday to try and get a Monday appt but no answer so it won't be till Wednesday that I can get in cause he's not in on Tuesday. All this cause of a stupid merger and the case of the left hand does not know what the right is doing. So when I go to the doctor Wednesday I going to have them switch my pharmacy to Meijer.
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I would hope that the doctors office can issue an emergency prescription Monday without you seeing the doctor. I know my insurance would do that.
You don't need to see the doctor, the office just needs to call in a prescription so you can pick it up.
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The doctors office has a sign that says they do not do refills over the phone you must come in.
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Flirty1 I think you should change doctors too as in an emergency you need your medication. Of course sometimes insurance mandates that you go to a certain doctor or they will not pay for the bill. In that case I would find a low cost clinic see the clinic doctor and explain your situation and they usually will give you a prescription for your medication, long enough until you see your regular doctor.

I understand your frustration with CVS pharmacy my insurance has them work on pre-authorization of my medication. I was changed from my regular diabetes medication to something else due to my body no longer tolerating the old medication. The samples worked fine and did what they were supposed to do but since it is a fairly new drug they will not pay for my medication. Very frustrating especially when you know something works and it doesn't harm you. They did suggest two alternatives one of which I will request but it is still frustrating.
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Have you tried taking your bottle showing you still have refills down to a pharmacy? Back when I was working I utilized CVS because of their extended hours but when I got fed up [after I retired] and switched to an independent pharmacy all I had to do was take my empty bottles to them.
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I can't offer any advise. But I can make a statement. There is no sense of responsibility, ownership or concern in today's society. The health industry as is the education industry is just that, an industry that is concerned with profit and not health or education.
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I use target (CVS) and all my scripts transferred over. Not happy they changed as I never liked CVS. We have a CVS and target about the same distance and I only still use target as they know me.
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I was going to a Kroger-owned pharmacy. My doctor had written a prescription for 15 pen dispensers. The pharmacy decided she meant 15 ml total and issued me a box of five, each holding 3 ml. I tried to tell them they were wrong, that it was supposed to be a 30 day supply and that if I used it as prescribed 5 pens would barely last ten days but they insisted I had to take it up with my doctor.

Next day I talked to the physician's assistant and she told me she would take of it. She called later the same day and said I could go get the rest. The pharmacy's computer called and told me my prescription was ready. I go in, have to wait in line for about 20 minutes, VERY difficult with my ailments, and then they want to charge me another co-pay!

I got rather loud and the head pharmacist came out and told me to keep my voice down. I told him I would not as long as they were trying to cheat me. I haven't been back and I never will. I'd rather use the pharmacy at the clinic that often has to order the drugs making a return trip necessary. At least they don't make mistakes.

THEN, I started getting calls from the Kroger pharmacy that my insurance covered a yearly consultation with a pharmacist to go over my current drugs. After getting several voice mails I finally answered one last week and I told the woman that I would never use their pharmacy again. She apologized profusely but I told her it was too late.

Don't get me started on the mail-order pharmacy. :NO NO NO:

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