Didn't Have The Faith


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Didn't Have The Faith

Motivational speaker Robbins' coal walk burns more than 30 - Houston Chronicle Now what got me was that one report said it happens occasionally but they don't have medical personnel standing by.
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More like they didn't have the brains I can't understand why people do such stupid things like trying to walk on fire or the handling of venomous snakes. Even if they do have medical personnel standing by it is still stupid.
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I do my own walk of faith every time I walk around a camp fire bare foot. My bare feet are very good at finding every hot coal that has popped out of the fire. Apparently I don't have the faith because it really hurts.
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More like they didn't have the brains
I agree!!! It's one thing to do something dangerous because it's a job that has to be done but intentionally walking on red hot coals just because is stupid in my book, same thing with handling venomous snakes just to prove a point I used to work with a guy that would get drunk and then look for an alligator to wrestle. He thought it proved he was tough, I thought it proved he was stupid!
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I'm not sure it was their "faith" that would have kept the coals from burning their feet. IMO, it was a show of faith to Tony Robbins, who deserves none if he perpetuated this act. It only took one second of dropping faith for Peter to start to sink in the ocean. But his faith was correctly channeled.
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Well, it motivated the heck out of me to stay away from this nut job.
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A hundred years ago Robbins would have been selling snake oil.

These fools paid Robbins for this stupidity. IMO they are all future Darwin candidates.

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