What's your Mid-Life Crisis?


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What's your Mid-Life Crisis?

The cliche is that men as they reach a certain age have a epiphany about life, revive a second childhood and go out an purchase the proverbial sports car or convertible to compensate. I'm not sure I have reached that point, although I have a large boat that sits in a marina rarely used, and an itch to buy bigger and badder tools for the shop... What "crisis" have you gone through and how much did it cost you? - (the boat was a $22,000 gamble not including the $2500/yr slip fees).
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I bought a $50 guitar and am teaching myself to play.
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I give bad advice to strangers on online forums using a fictitious name

I guess mine was retiring earlier than I really should have to focus on woodworking and DIY stuff until wifey is ready to throw in the towel too....
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I guess mine was retiring earlier than I really should have
Mine too. I retired at 62 instead of 65. It was a big hit on my SS but I'm really enjoying not working and taking naps any time I want to.
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I'm 67, and have technically retired. At least I am receiving annuities and Social Security. I cannot, however, quit doing what I love to do. I still look into buying the baddest tools to make work easier, knowing my wife will have a terrible time selling all them when I die. She is worried that I work too hard, and asks when I plan on quitting. I told her when I am belly up, unresponsive, on the floor of the shop.

I have scaled down the business considerably, and find it really difficult to turn down extensive projects that I would have jumped all over 10 years ago, but such is life in the right lane. Some day I will let it all go and just live in the shop until dark, or whenever I get hungry. But until then, its a 10 feet tall and bullet proof attitude.

Oops, Ray and I still think mid life is in our late 60's, while others consider it 40's.
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Guy's, at 67 years of age I can honestly say I don't think I've gone through a "mid-life" crisis. True I have no life to speak of, but I'm content and happy. My only regret is my sex drive is not what it was, but on the plus side I now enjoy looking at women in a broader sense and see them as equals and still sexy. The sobering thing is that when I see a young cute girl I always think that they are younger than my youngest daughter and why is this dirty old man looking at them.
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Guess at 62 I haven't reached "mid-life" yet, at least no crises I can remember (unless you count our son being born when I was 49 ).
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My mid life crisis was returning to college at age 51 after a 35 year recess. I got a BS degree and am now semi-retired at age 71.

Have a shop full of projects and some customer repairs waiting.
Do things when I want to.

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Not wanting to bum out this thread, but I am probably having one now except my mid life crisis is nearer end life. In the last 8 months I lost my only 3 true lifetime friends - all to cancer. The last one was less than a month ago. He was but 65 years old. I'm sad at the loss, tired of funerals and really po'd after watching these guys fight so hard and lose.

I don't remember a mid life crisis. I retired at 55 and have never looked back. The last 15 years have been great, projects a plenty, lots of travel and every day I wake up knowing that I am going to do what I want to do.

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