liquidation sale ???


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liquidation sale ???

Took my wife to the doctor this morning and she wanted to stop a K-Mart on the way home since this is the last week before they close for good. She did get some good deals on clothes [not that she needs any] although it pays to double check the sizes. She picked up one pair of pants that said small but I think I'd need suspenders if I was to wear them The clothes were all at 50% off.

Anyway I went to the tool/automotive dept to see what they had. Most was already gone although I did see some cans of R-134A for $22.99 @ 20% off Just bought one for my wife's car a month ago and paid less than $10 - regular price at a different store. There were other items that also struck me as being high even with the 20-30% off.

Never understand why so many folks will buy something because it's on sale when the regular price somewhere else is the same or lower!
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Some of the worst pricing I have seen was at those store liquidation "sales". Truly, buyer beware. Liquidation Sale does not mean the same as "cheaper now than our last advertised sale".

- Peter
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Often the "liquidator" takes over the store. They raise prices and then claim to offer a discount on the inflated prices. Buyer Beware.
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I always thought that store was a little overpriced but they've definitely inflated the price on a lot of things. I don't care much for DAP caulk but they had the Alex Plus priced at $5.19 a tube if I remember correctly the last tubes of White Lightning I bought were about half that price.

I assume the shirts my wife bought for $3 each was a good buy .... but she's already got enough clothes to start her own store

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