A Truly Obsessed Star Trek Fan


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A Truly Obsessed Star Trek Fan

I saw this link to METv on Facebook about a Star Trek fan who is truly Obsessed about Star Trek and it seems particularly Star Trek The Next Generation. He has all kinds of collectibles concerning the show and even some Star Wars and Lost In Space items. He made a home theater that looks like the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation.

Here is the link MeTV Network | This Trekkie has a $1.5 million Star Trek collection . Once there, there is a video that you can click on to see his whole collection. It will be small at first so click on the little square on the right corner of the video to make it full screen.

I have to admit to still being a fan of Star Trek in all its flavors but not as much as I used to be and I do have a collection of videos and Star Trek action figures. I also have many Star Trek books including novels and behind the scenes books. My collection pales in comparison to his though. Some of you may be Star Trek fans and some may not but you have to admit his collection is something else. It is nice to be rich
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That's pretty cool! I admit to being a Star Trek fan (well except for the last series "Enterprise") and still watch reruns. I was also a Lost in Space fan. Don't have a collection tho.
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Lost in Space fan, shadie you are showing your/our age
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I too am showing my age I remember first run episodes of both Star Trek and Lost In Space. I agree Becky Enterprise really wasn't very good. I watched Enterprise because I thought Scott Bakula would do fairly good as he wasn't bad in Quantum Leap but unfortunately except for a few rare episodes it was a big disappointment. I do believe of all of the Star Trek franchises that Star Trek The Next Generation followed by Deep Space Nine and Voyager were the best. The Star Trek movies though with the original cast were not bad and I especially liked The Wrath Of Khan.

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