They don't always do what they should


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They don't always do what they should

We frequently give advice related to safety but often sense that the home owner is going to ignore it. I don't know if there is a way to impress upon them about the dangers, but here is one person who probably knew better but didn't listen to himself. 49 years old, camp on a lake way up north in God's country and he is now gone.
Mars Hill man killed in Sinclair camp collapse — Aroostook — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

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Dealing with a house structure that isn't sound is always dangerous. I just recently watched an episode of Texas Flip & Move and everyone warned this one guy not to buy an old house as it was structurally unsound and couldn't be moved. Well the fellow doesn't move houses and thought he knew better than anyone else and he didn't. Even his cousin who moves houses said he made a mistake in buying the house and it would fall apart when he tried to move it. It did too and it was lucky that people were out of the way and he was in the truck when it fell apart.

Luckily no one was hurt and in his case all he was out was money on the auction and demo money to have the house sent to a dump. Some people though will take on things by themselves when they really shouldn't. I know I have warned a person here to not dig out his own basement and never heard back from him. I wonder to this day is he still alive or was he really so foolish as to try to dig out his own basement under his house. I don't mind doing little jobs on my own but I keep within my own limits and let the professionals handle the rest.

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