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Crazy is right Ray I never would think about doing something like this. I remember seeing this on the news yesterday and I thought at the time that this guy needed his head examined by a psychiatrist. Even parachuting out of an airplane isn't for me but you are right this is just plain crazy.
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News Headlines (next week): Free fall skydiver misses safety net
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They tested this before hand with a dummy and it failed. But this screwball decided to do it anyway. Such talent!
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Was just watching this on TV. Noticed he just made the net at the edge. I think if he landed just several feet over, he would have been a bag of bones! I think they used another dummy, Norm.
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I think they used another dummy
I agree!!! While it did work and I'm sure worked well in theory, it would seem to me one little miscalculation, wind gust or something could have turned it into disaster.
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And what gets me...the guy's wife and 4 year old son were there watching. As it turns out, the 4 year old slept through it, but can you image if he had gone way you un-see that ever.

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