Seen any good movies lately?


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Seen any good movies lately?

Last night I was surfing the movies on Netflix and came across the German language movie, "Look Who's Back", a comedy which has a very corny premise- Hitler being resurrected in the year 2014, on the location where he died in Berlin.

You have to turn on the English subitles, and it's a little distracting to try and read and watch at the same time, but I actually thought it was a pretty good movie! It's got a little political humor, and even sends a pretty strong political message. What if Hitler was around today? How would he act and how would people receive him? Would some of his ideology be popular again today?

There is enough comedy in it to keep it light and to remind the viewer to not take it too seriously. I'm planning to watch it a 2nd time to try and catch a few things I may have missed.

YouTube has some trailers with English subtitles if you are interested in seeing them.
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Any good movies? Depends on what your likes are. I don't watch much in the line of today's (read last 25 years or more) movies. But I am a fan of TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I'll watch them quite often. The thing I like most about yesteryear's movies (the 40's, 50's, 60's and some of the 70's) is that there is little or no foul language and yet the full meaning is conveyed. I don't need four letter words to tell me that a character is mad or crazy or is having a tough time. Same with comedy. I'm all for the dirty joke, but not in a movie. And as far as I'm concerned the acting was usually better.

As far as foreign films go, I have a hard time reading sub-titles and following the action.
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So I watched Austin Powers International Man of Mystery again last night. I've seen it a couple of times already, but it's always just as funny everytime!
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EYE IN THE SKY starring Helen Mirren and the late, great Alan Rickman in his last role. 95% Tomatometer!

A tense thriller posing the ethical and moral dilemma when a high value terrorist target is spotted and the decision must be made to strike with a drone missile or to pass on the shot because of the possibility of collateral damage - in this case a child.

Weasley politicians and lawyers hem and haw unwilling to make the call as the terrorists arm up with suicide vests in preparation for an attack.
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I'm with Norm. I like looking ahead in the listings on TCM and then marking ones for DVR that I like.

About the only movies we pay to see in theaters any more are the animated features. Seems like 90% of the rest are sequels to sequels to remakes of movies that weren't very good the first time they were released or sequels to movies that were good the first time, but didn't need a sequel, i.e. the latest Ice Age. Surprised nobody's remade GWTW yet with the Burning of Atlanta scene all CGI or The Ten Commandments with the Exodus scene in CGI, but I figure they're coming. I think the Angry Birds Movie was last we saw with our 12 year old.


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