Perpetaul Motion Machines


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Perpetaul Motion Machines

We all know perpetual motion machines are an impossibility. Friction (or other outside forces) will eventually stop them. However, here are two videos showing designs from centuries ago and the second video showing modern day machines.
Warning these are rather long videos.

What's interesting is that once put into motion it seems as though they will go on forever. So at what point will they stop?

On the modern day units it seems as though the springs will continue to add the needed energy.

I suppose a self winding watch is similar and the wrist movement keeps imputing energy.

At any rate very interesting.
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Great link makes me want to go out and build one. Maybe someday.
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I don't believe any strictly mechanical machine can create the slight extra energy needed to overcome friction and be truly perpetual motion. But I'd settle for one that spins for a couple hours next to my desk :-)
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Now, put a load on them. Fun to watch, but most impractical as "machines" to perform work.
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Got a Dewalt bench grinder. When you shut it off, it spins for a full 10 minutes on its own. I timed it once... and first time i got it i also wondered if I had really shut it off. Must have some good bearings. But like Larry says, put a load on it and it stops pretty quick. 0 amps doesn't have much power... lol
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They all make you wonder if, in fact, they would run perpetually, i.e. essentially forever. They are, as pointed out of course, really just novelties as they would never support a load.


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