Another Contractor Oops


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Another Contractor Oops

Almost correct:

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Wow! apparently someone didn't have a clue
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Government at work, spec's called for it so do it. Who cares for what it looks like.
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Back in the 70's I was painting for a big outfit at Ft Rucker. A few of the bldgs were scheduled to be torn down after we painted them .... and the paint job had to pass inspection, they wouldn't let us slide on any of it
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Mark - That sort of stuff happens all the time. It used to drive me up a wall so see the government waste. The problem is that when it comes to government bureaucracy the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I live near a Naval base. In the late 80's they built hundreds of housing units for enlisted sailors and their families. Not 5 years later the base manning was cut by nearly 50% and the gov is stuck with all those nice houses and no occupants. They also built a very large multi-million dollar commissary to provide low cost grocery shopping for all of those sailors that are no longer in the area. When they built the commissary they knew about the cutbacks, but the contract had been let and it would have cost more to cancel than to build. Currently the base BX is undergoing a reno that will double it's floor space - same story - Nice store, shrinking customer base.
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Similar to the right hand not knowing what the left does, is the fact that their is no accounting to a higher authority beyond the bureaucracy department head. And that would be the voter base.

Our nation and society has become a lumbering giant. It can handle the obvious threat or next general problem in a half ass-way. But I worry about the problems that creep up and strike fast and furious. We cannot react is a positive or quick manner way. I worry most of about our military being able to respond to the quick attack or disaster that strikes.

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