Just a nice story


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Just a nice story

Being retail you get see all kinds. This is the good kind.

The other day a dear old lady comes into the store with her grand-daughter (perhaps early 30's, the grand daughter). I found out latter the old lady was nearly 90! Anyways, she brings me two old picture frames that flip around on a stand. In fact I think these are an exact duplicate.

She tells me these are antiques. And they need repair. (They were not worth the wood they were made out of.) However, I carefully watched the grand daughter watching my re-action. I caught on fast. I agreed they were very beautiful and needed to be preserved. She stated they held pictures of here great grand children. Would I repair the frame and cut new glass for her. Without thinking twice I said I would do my best, come back latter in the day.

Good thing we are not busy at this time of year and they tend to let me be my own boss.

After scrapping off all the old glue and removing the large headed nails used to repair these thing some god awful time in the past I started to repair them in between other screen and window repairs. Re-glue and using the correct finishing brad type nail I fix one of the units. Tried to match the antique silver finish as best I could. Doubt she could see any imperfections. Spent a good 2 to 3 hours on fixing one unit.

She comes in that evening and she asked if I can insert the picture into the one frame. I said sure. I turn the picture over and my eyes go wide. The picture is two young boys, one slightly older than the other in sepia tone. The younger boy is a splitting image of myself when I was kid. I said as much in a very surprised tone. I then ask her name and low and behold the name is one that I remember my parents talking about from the old neighborhood. However, neither her nor I could make any specific connection with relatives or friends. I charged her $2.00 for the glass and repair and said to comeback tomorrow for the other one.

She try's to give a me $5.00 tip which I refuse and insist I take it. I tell her to donate it to her church or charity. The grand daughter speaks up says that she will and tells me that she is serious. I agreed that I believe she will donate it. The Old lady then goes on about how nice it is to shop our store a get the help she needs and how helpful I was. I made her day. But in reality she had made my day!

The next day her son (close to my age) comes in to pick up the other frame and we begin to talk. I relate to him about how nice his mother is and about how she thought the pieces were antiques. He laughs and says she probably does but most likely bought them at Woolworth's 50 years ago. We then bring up the family names and he confirms that our parents were in fact neighbors from the old inner city neighborhood.

Any way hope you enjoyed the story.
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Great story. Thanks for posting that.
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Thanks, Norm.

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