Thanks for the water on a hot day!


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Thanks for the water on a hot day!

Not a big thing to say thanks about but a couple of days ago I walked to our closest paint store as I didn't want to bother taking the bus to our nearby big box store. Anyway it was hot and I haven't been out in the heat much this year just too hot and I have stayed inside since I am self-employed.

So I got finally up the hill to where the paint store is and I really needed some water. Next to the paint store is a nice restaurant that serves Mexican food so I asked for a bottle of water and they said I am sorry we are out of bottled water. I can get you a glass of water though so she brings a big plastic glass of water. I sat for a while and said thank you how much for the water? No charge she says.

A real help in a very hot day and for me better than a beer or a soda not that there is anything wrong with either but it wasn't for me that day. When I went to the paint store I received more water there and I was hydrated enough to get back home. So cheers to those two places. They were very helpful in my time of need.
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