13 year old niece fixes disposal & dishwasher


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13 year old niece fixes disposal & dishwasher

Sitting in a restaurant with some of the family, my sister-in-law and her twin daughters are talking about how the dishwasher won't drain and the disposal shoots water back out of the sink drain. I said the disposal drain is stopped up. I think I mentioned that they should shut it off at the breaker if they messed with it. I figured I'd get a call in a day or two to fix it for them. No way; one of the girls has shown a tremendous aptitude for doing/fixing stuff lately and she tackled the job herself - and she did kill them at the breaker first. She found the remains of a steel wool pad in the disposal drain. She put it back together, turned them back on and both appliances worked correctly with no leaks. Turns out the daffy SIL had put the #*@& Brillo pad down the disposal on purpose thinking it would clean it.
Now you see why I didn't just volunteer to fix it for them - whacky stuff happens over there all the time. My wife gave the girl $20, and she has made more money helping us around our house lately with yard work, cleaning, etc. She's very smart and industrious. I think we have a budding engineer there!
But you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard what she had done.
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I moved your post to the general chat forums as you weren't needing any repair help.

Congrats on the very smart and industrious niece there.
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I congratulate your niece too and I hope your family continues to encourage her and to try new things and see if she can fix them. She seems to be very bright and a very smart young lady!

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