Annoying Pop Ups

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Annoying Pop Ups

If the annoying popups continue on this board, I'm going to be OUTTA HERE!
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Well don't slam the door on the way out!
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I'm not positive, but don't think I have any special privileges as a Moderator vs Member.
Never had a problem with any pop up ads.
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I don't see any.
Old 10-20-16, 12:33 PM
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AdBlock takes care of those I believe unless you have something on your PC allowing them.
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Please post a screen shot of the page with the pop up and the day and time seen.
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Adblocker Ultimate is your friend.
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I run no ad blocking programs other than what firefox and avast blocks for me. Smooth sailing here.
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I use AD Block plus and never see pop-ups.
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I never have pop ups and I just use firefox or the new E. Make sure no pop ups are checked.
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ABP here, too; no popups.
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Hi SP and I hear you. A while back I went through some pop up issues here and some were resolved by changing how they covered up the required buttons and most were fixed by adding an ad blocker. I do love the ad blocker as it helps all over the internet.

I still cannot understand how a company can justify ticking off the very people they want to look at their advertising. Seems we have lost the creativeness that brought us the VW bugs and the "still going" ads, among others.

Hope you stay with us.

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You have to understand that advertisements are one way of supporting forums, such as this one. It's not cheap running one and a small price to pay for getting good advice.
Ad blockers really shouldn't be used. If someone is getting too many popups, there's something going on with their computer. It's not because of this site.
I'm going to have to close this thread.
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