This is not a political statement!


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This is not a political statement!

This morning two police officers were innocently gunned downed.

Be on the alert and get involved.

I urge all members to support your police, and firemen.

They are there to protect YOU!

This Nov. 8th. Go out and vote. Makes no difference who you support.

Your vote counts and it will affect how your local police are affected.
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Domestic terrorism in my book no matter what banner it's done under.
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I certainly agree it is domestic terrorism. The only way to fight it be it of foreign or domestic sponsorship is to be vigilant and if you see something say something. I do that myself and so do my neighbors. Just recently a poor confused woman went to our street and the neighbor across the street called the police and finally she was taken to the hospital for observation. So kudos to my neighbors across the street for helping that poor woman. More people have to watch out for each other not just the police and the nation will be more at peace.

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