Electoral College, interesting article


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Electoral College, interesting article

This article includes a Maine perspective but explains some of the "why" we do it the way we do. Many others probably know all of this, but I didn't.

Note, this is just about the origins of the EC and not the politics at hand.
And, if anyone has a better link I'm interested as this one probably will not be up long term.
The case for keeping the Electoral College — and the Senate, too | He Said It Right

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That's a topic that's going to be kicked around until at least the next Presidential election. Doesn't matter which party is the supposed aggrieved candidate, could just as easily gone the other way. The EC does have some sense to it, a strictly popular vote would be decided by the dozen or so most populous states and/or most populated cities. The urban areas could very well control the federal government in perpetuity. Who would pay any attention to the voters in Iowa, Montana, Utah, or Rhode Island?

And FWIW the chances of it being abolished are about the same as my being elected Pope.
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That is a pretty good read, Bud. I tried to make the Senate comparison with my best tow buddy (he favors popular vote) earlier this week, but he wouldn't buy the analogy (hard head).

I've also thought about the proportional assignment of electoral votes within a state. I've always thought is funny that just one vote more than 50% and that candidate gets ALL the EC votes. Would be interesting to see how proportional assignment would have worked with this election just as an academic exercise.

Think I'll google, probably somebody's done it already.

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