2016 Plumbers of the Year


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Wink 2016 Plumbers of the Year

2016 Plumbers of the Year.


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very good reason for not putting the toilet paper on the roll.

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Should have measured twice!

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Apparently, you don't want anyone seeing your face, but everything else is okay?

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The oak seat is a nice touch, though.

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And the purpose for the door is?

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This stall is for people that have arms like an Orangutan.

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This would be the "half bath" noted in the real estate listing?

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Very Classy! And, only three steps to the throne when you're in a hurry!

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How does this even get past the planning phase? I guess you have to pee in your buddy's back pocket if you are not first.

See Reply for winner!
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And now drum roll please.

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Absolutely brilliant.
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That's really funny Thanks.
I like the three steps up to the throne, I guess they took throne literally.
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Yrs ago I had an immigrant for a neighbor. He built his house but it was apparent he really didn't know what he was doing. He poured a slab first, then blocked up the walls and framed out the roof. When it came time for plumbing he had to raise the bath rm above the slab so he could put in a drain. The house had 8' ceilings but the bath had less than 7' ceiling height.

The pics were interesting, I've been on a few jobs that had similar defects
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That first pic in Shadie's post was probably a female plumber; no reason to ever have the seat "up".
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Omg! That was hilarious! I certainly needed a good chuckle this morning and this just brightened up my day! Thanks for sharing this!
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First apartment I lived in started out as a building with larger apartments but the apartments were split up in to smaller ones as near as I could figure out. The bathroom oddly contained a shower five feet from front to back and the width the room which was only only three feet same as the shower. That left only a three foot by thirty inch space in front of the shower for the toilet so you had to step into the shower to sit on the toilet. Vanity was in the bedroom.

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There isn't any shortage of bad bath rms out there My first trailer had a real small bath; a corner commode, corner sink and a shower so small that if you didn't tuck your arms in when you turned around you'd cut of the hot or cold water - depending on which direction you turned. The trailer I had in fla had a half bath that was so small when you sat on the pot - your knees were under the sink
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Granted this was in Mexico but I once stayed in a hotel where the stool was inside the shower stall.
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...stool was inside the shower stall.
Some sort of poor man's bidet?

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