Arizona Highway Patrolman Ambushed


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Arizona Highway Patrolman Ambushed

Not sure if this made national news, I wanted to share it just in case.

A civilian passerby was travelling down I-10 with his wife and stopped to help an officer.
Turns out the officer was shot and the attacker was not done...

Civilian returned to his vehicle for his weapon and shot attacker dead.

I would call that guy a hero, unreal.

4:20am – A citizen called in from Interstate 10 at milepost 81 advising our dispatch that his vehicle had been shot at while he drove.

Our responding trooper came across a one vehicle roll-over. The trooper saw an injured female who was later determined to be a passenger from the vehicle. At that moment, a suspect appeared out of the dark and shot the trooper in the shoulder disabling the use of his right hand.

A physical fight ensued between the suspect and the trooper with the suspect striking the trooper’s head on the pavement.

At that point, an uninvolved third party traveling to California with his wife stopped at the scene, got out of his vehicle and asked the trooper if he needed help. The trooper requested his assistance. That person went back to his vehicle, retrieved his weapon and told the suspect to stop. The suspect refused. The bystander shot and killed the suspect.

The citizen then picks up the DPS radio and calls dispatch for help.

At the hospital is a deceased female from the roll-over, the dead suspect and the trooper who is an incredibly tough individual in stable condition who underwent surgery.
There was another guy that stopped, plus the job his wife did, they were on the radio.
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Yes, I saw that. Certainly rises to the hero level in my book. Glad he had his gun in the vehicle or he may have become a victim along with the officer that was shot and being pummeled.

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Another case of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun. Cudos.
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Actually, that part about the conversation between the Trooper and the passerby never really happened. The Trooper was having his head slammed on the pavement and was in no shape to converse. The passerby told the guy to stop, he didn't, so then he got his gun and shot the SOB. There may have been an "I need help" or similar from the DPS officer, but nothing long. And notice no mention of another man who also stopped and he was the one on the radio.

I was watching it live that morning. Of course it was all over by the time the news chopper got there.

It's kinda funny to watch how stories change as they move further away from the source. Probably wasn't even mentioned in NY.
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Earlier reports indicate that the bad guy was a passenger in the wrecked car but now apparently this guy was shooting at cars and may have caused the accident that the trooper was responding to.

Somehow, somebody will try to turn this into an anti gun rant or maybe the cop's fault.
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