Love that duct tape


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Love that duct tape

MY DW started leaking yesterday. I pulled the dishwasher thinking the leak was probably from a hose connection or maybe a valve. Not that simple. I ended up having to run the DW up on blocks to find the leak with a mirror. The plastic tub has a hairline crack only 1/4" long that was really hard to see. We really needed the DW with a pile of dishes in the sink that I was not looking forward to handwashing so I duct taped over the crack, ran the DW and no leak!

For about 5 minutes I thought about leaving it that way until it fails again but decided it's got to go. I'm off to buy one with a stainless tub.
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My wife and her sons believe that duct tape is a fix for most things
When it fails and they call me in to fix it, I have to remove the duct tape and adhesive
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I have a neighbor who was complaining that her fiberglass shower pan had cracked and the leak ruined her ceiling below. I fixed the drywall damage for her and told her that the pan would have to be replaced.

She didn't have the money to replace it so I duct taped over it as a temporary fix. Over a year later the duct tape is still in place and she uses the shower daily.
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Alternative fix. Use clear silicone. Same product used in fish tanks. This method can become a permanent fix in same instances. Applied to a small dried area or crack and allowed to dry 12-24 hours works well. Worked for a camping friends plastic bathroom RV sink.

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I like the medal tape better. Doesn't dry up and sticker.
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If possible try using Rescue Tape.
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If Dutch, stick finger in the dyke.
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Don't say it Vic! Don't say it! Don't say it! Doooonnnn't!

Ok, it's passed now. Whew Would have had to move my own post to archives and given me an infraction.

Norm, we used to have cases of that stuff when I was in the Navy. If I'd known how expensive it was I would have taken more than one roll.

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