Is there a device that can do this?


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Is there a device that can do this?

I'm wondering if there is a device or tool that is able to read/record the level or amount of vibration or shake in the ground/walls, etc. Something like a mini portable seismograph device?

I'd imagine some sort of nodes can be stuck to the ground or wall and the device could pick up the amount of shake/vibration in the device and give you a reading (like 0.00215 xxx detected) and if I jump it would read something like 2.539 xxx (whatever the units is called) a decibel device except not for noise but for vibration/shaking in the ground/wall.

What would it be called? Where could I find one?
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The sensor you seek is called an accelerometer and it outputs a tiny voltage proportional to movement. Some are AC-only and have a lower frequency limit (typically 1-2Hz), and others are DC-capable and will output all the way to 0Hz (static--no movement--such as tilt relative to gravity).

An accelerometer needs an amplifier to produce a useable voltage, and a display.
For tinkering purposes your smartphone has all this built-in. There are several apps available. I browsed a few and one called "Vibsensor" looks well thought-out. Most apps display seismic readings in Richter or Mercalli but Vibsensor displays in m/sec^2 (roughly equal to "G's"), which is more useful for scientific measurement of structural vibrations.
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I did a search for "seismometer for home" and found some on Amazon all the way up to scientific models. There are even web pages that show you how to build your own seismometer.
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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated!
I will look those up and see what I can find.

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