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Back in december I made an amazon order and elected the free shipping. To get free shipping I had to spend a little more so I added a 8" bar clamp to the order. While my main order was shipped according to their time frame the bar clamp was on back order. It came today .... in a 6" deep, 12"x18" box If everything had been shipped together it wouldn't have taken a box more than a third of that size.

It mystifies me why such a small item would get shipped in such a large box!
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Amazon sells from outside people or businesses that and do not stock a lot of items they sell. Retailers rather pay a royalty to Amazon for the ability to sell there wares on the website. Unless the item says Fulfilled by Amazon, it is not an item they stock and it comes from an outside location.

I am an installer for Amazon Home Services so I get to read the seller forums. Yep, one big large "Venting" forum.
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Happens to me a lot (but I buy a lot from amazon). Many times I will get a single item that could have easily and safely fit into one of those padded envelopes, but it comes in a shoebox size box.

Other times I will get something heavy that should have been double boxed and it arrives with the box barely holding together.

Seems to me McDonalds used to have their computer tell the order filler what size bag to use, thinking they would save money on bags. But I believe they found out that it actually cost them more, because it slowed the process down. So now I think they have like 2 bag sizes and just let the packer choose.
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I understand that an item may be out of stock or shipped from a different location. My main order came in a package big enough to also accommodate the bar clamp .... and that package fit in my mailbox. I had to go to the post office to pick up the big box.
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I've noticed Amazon often does that. I think they just grab the nearest box, regardless of size actually needed!
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There is a lot more science to Amazon shipping that one would suspect. They actually calculate the proper size box based on the contents. In your situation, the order may not have been fulfilled by Amazon even though you purchased it on Amazon.

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