It's too early for snakes!


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It's too early for snakes!

Mother-in-law passed last week, and the wife is doing fine, not a major surprise at 93, but when she said late this morning that she was going to take around the property, I picked up on the fact that she wanted company. So off we went. On the home stretch, rounded the front of the house, and she said "oh-oh". I figured she had spotted the treated timber edge around the driveway that I backed over one morning this week. And of course it just happened that I had two drums of steel shot in the bed of my pickup that morning, 1,000 lbs. each, so did a pretty good number on it. So I said something like "yeah, I did that", to which she replied something like "yeah, right, you walked right up to that". "No, I backed over it". She said "I meant the snake" and pointed down. DANG! There was a garter snake extended out from the pachysandra, maybe 6" from my pant leg. As I quickly stepped away, she bent over to take a closer look at it, laughing, because she knows how much I hate snakes. We have them all summer, but the crazy thing is that the ground was snow covered yesterday morning. Didn't take long for that little bugger to figure out that the temperature is on it's way up. As for the timber, she said that she was pretty sure she noticed it the first morning, and knew she hadn't hit it, so it had to be me. No pulling the wool over her eyes I guess.
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Crazy weather on Friday, but today the frogs in the back yard/swamp are going wild so I suspect snakes are coming out of hibernation also.

Yea, spring is here!!!
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That does seem early for a snake to be out in Michigan but I suppose it's been a crazy winter all over the country.

I've been bit a couple times. Both times I did not see the snake until afterwards so my days of carefree walks through tall grass or uncleared areas are over. Now I'm a big fan of snake gators or snake boots.
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Sorry about your Mother-in-law's passing.

I'm not sure, but hibernating animals don't necessarily mean they don't wake up and move around a little during the cold months. If it was a warm dry day then yea, it could be sunning itself.

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