Help with confusing Amazon listing


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Help with confusing Amazon listing

Shipping costs for this 12 quart Rubbermaid container at other online retailers are very high.
Amazon offers free shipping if the order is $35.00.

Rubbermaid makes a clear and white model. I need several white containers. The problem is
the model number. Notice the "CLR." That's for the clear container. The container image is
white and the color is listed as white.

I posted at the Amazon Q & A about this mixed up listing. I doubt if anyone will reply. I don't
want to order until I'm sure Amazon will ship the white container.

Can you phone Amazon and ask for help? Not sure what to do.
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Looks like you'll pay a premium price for the white ones.
Actually.... the white ones are poly as opposed to the clear ones being plastic.
The poly should last longer.

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I've never found a way to phone, but you can online chat with them. Doubt it will do any good, but I'd interested to find out.

Beware the Q&A, I've seen responses that were just about useless.

"I don't have the item but I think...."
"It should work, don't know why it wouldn't"

The item description/model number usually is more reliable. If I'm unsure I'll speed read the comments and I usually find out the answer in passing.

Looking at the picture, you can kinda see the back side of the bottom of the bowl, so I would assume this is the clear version. More slightly opaque than clear but....

Lastly, I've never had an issue with returning items (w/pre paid label) if the description (not picture) is inaccurate. I always save the webpage of the item that I buy, then delete it when it arrives ok.
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One of the answered questions is about just this issue. Every answer said it was opaque as you did, definitely not what I would consider clear, but then the white listing seems to be using the same pic. As said, I'd go by the listed model number.
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I think that the picture was altered to better show the "clear" version in the online picture.
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Under the "product description" halfway down, it says this:
The Clear construction allows for easy product recognition to make you more productive in the kitchen
so I'd say this is clear.
Also, the model # includes CLR, which would also indicate it's clear.

If you do a google search, there's a few sites that have the white (looks slightly opague) for cheaper. Not sure about shipping tho.

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