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I cleared an overgrown part of my property during the winter and I ended up with a really large brush pile of mostly vines, picker bushes and small trees. I got a landscaper to look at removing it and we agreed on a price and a date.

Typical of some contractors, he was a no show and didn't return my calls. Just as I was about to post a rant about it in the venting forum he showed up - at 6pm, two days late. He was apologetic and explained that his brand new articulated loader was late being delivered.

He had a grapple attached to the loader and it made really short work of what would have been a real PITA to do by hand. I told my wife I wanted one for Christmas - and then this happened!

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Fortunately, he wasn't hurt. The loader tipped when a front wheel rode over the rock (2" above grade) that you can see to the left of the front tires and a rear wheel sunk about 2" into the sod.

I did some internet research and apparently tipping is common for these things because of their narrow wheelbase. Whatever the reason for tipping- I don't want one anymore.
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Wow, hope he had insurance in effect on that new loader! Glad he wasn't hurt.

For a while I had a baby skid steer that had a 32 wide wheelbase. It was handy, but there were a couple of times on flat ground when it would get to bouncing a bit as skid steers can do and I thought it was going to tip on it's own accord. On even gentle slopes it was kind of scary.

Now I have a larger machine; even so if you hit a bump going fast (for a SS) it gets a little scary fast. I always wear the seat belt.
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Did he have the bucket raised high when it tipped over? He should have known to keep the load as low as feasible while traveling and not raise it until he got to the truck [or wherever the load was to dumped]

Glad only the machine and his ego were hurt!
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Should have purchased the optional side roll bar accessories during the sale......or there're just not presently factory included......

My Two Cents...

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Years ago I worked at a place that had a forklift with a very narrow wheel base. Extremely dangerous unit. Always skittish if I had to use it. Nearly tipped over several times.
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The operator was not wearing a seat belt. IMO he was really lucky that he wasn't injured. Both cab doors were latched open. The cab had a roll bar and the machine itself didn't seem to suffer much damage other than all of the safety glass in the doors and windshield was shattered.

Mark - He was backing away from his trailer after dumping a load. The grapple was fully raised. I got the feeling that he was really unfamiliar with operating the rig.

Years ago I helped lift a crane boom off a guy. The crane crew was in a hurry and the operator didn't extend the outriggers. The crane tipped onto one of the riggers in the crew. The rigger didn't make it.

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