Once in a lifetime opportunity


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Once in a lifetime opportunity

I got the MOA Emails today. Simple in form. All I had to do was click on a link. Sounds right, huh? Just how stupid do these folks think we are?

"HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal donated $2,000,000.00 USD to you contact him via (******************************.com) for your funds."
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I got one from Ivanca Trump telling me the White House had several million waiting for me. I just had to send Donald my personal information.
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Actually, there is such a prince. He attended Syracuse University. He is the CEO of the KIngdom Holding Company TADAWUL $10.30 per share. I think that I'll wait before I buy that. My drone stock is finally starting to move a little. AVAV
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I guess my pits must really stink as I have never received one of "those" E-mails.
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I guess my pits must really stink as I have never received one of "those" E-mails.
Pass that address along and I think I can get you set up real quick!!
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I just have some fun with them. I made up my own language and have some stock phrases saved for subsequent replies, getting more indignant looking each time. Sometimes the exchanges go back and forth 3-4 times before they give up. So much more satisfying than just emptying the spam folder.

Them: Yadda yadda $10M US dollars, etc, etc.

Me: Gluck,
Forru donk weel. Gus wank do ifm ter wak? Macky?
Lop mo ly ogfar, der com und der fili. Ifn per oly sim dep!
Dorro mikel,
Farn X Nigpops

Them: Please reply in a common language that I can translate....

Me: Eck?! Var ton dir ick?
Kerplah! Sargh Hom!

It can get a lot better. Funnier than most of the junk on TV. Tried to use Klingon, but they actually have online translators for that and I could never get the syntax and spelling right, so more trouble than it was worth.

Yeah, I know, too much time on my hands.

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